Thursday, October 1, 2015

Who Wants to Work with Me?? Join My Team!

As you guys know, a few months ago I started being a distributor of It Works products.  I love the entire line of products and I am loving introducing them to my friends and family.  I have never felt better!  I am also enjoying the free products and paycheck I am earning simply from talking about the products I already use and love.  I tell the people in my life about them but a huge part of it is using social media.  I am basically getting paid to be on Facebook or Twitter (like I already am in the first place).

I am part of an awesome team that is super supportive and we are looking for more distributors.  You don't need any sales experience and you can be as active or as "behind the scenes" as you wish.  The holidays are coming and this would be an amazing time to earn some extra spending money....all from the comfort of your home.  Let's work together!  I will get you set up and help you get started.  Comment below or email directly at to find out more.  Let's be office buddies and get through the holiday season debt free! Pin It

He's a Bully Charlie Brown...Out October 6th! Giveaway!!

I am so excited about an upcoming release!  He's A Bully Charlie Brown is hitting shelves on October 6th and I know I will be going out to buy a copy.  Who doesn't love Charlie Brown and the gang?!  Here is the scoop on this upcoming release.....

Important life lessons are learned by the Peanuts gang, on He’s a Bully, Charlie Brown available October 6, 2015 from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (WBHE). This heartwarming collection brings together He’s a Bully, Charlie Brown and two newly remastered content into 4K Ultra HD, It’s a Short Summer, Charlie Brown and an episode of The Charlie Brown & Snoopy Show. In this must-own compilation, Charlie Brown is called upon to stand up for one of his pals, who is taken advantage of by a bully at summer camp. This title will be released in time for National Bullying Prevention Month, which takes place in October. He’s a Bully, Charlie Brown will retail for $19.97 SRP.


With school out for summer, Charlie Brown and his pals set out for camp. Rerun van Pelt, Lucy’s youngest brother, brings his prized collection of marbles, which once belonged to his grandfather, Felix, an award-winning marbles champ. Rerun is determined to become a marble master just like his grandpa but first, he must find someone who will teach him how to play the game.


At camp, Rerun meets Joe Agate, a tough-talking and disrespectful older boy who takes advantage of Rerun’s naiveté and cons him out of all his grandpa Felix’s marbles. A devastated Rerun confides in Charlie Brown, who is so disgusted by Joe’s behavior that he decides to stand up to him, with the help of Snoopy as Joe Cool, of course. Will Charlie Brown summon the courage to face the awful Joe Agate and win back Rerun’s beloved marbles?


In It was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown, which is also featured on this release, it’s a hilarious battle of boys against girls, with Snoopy having to get in the middle of it all.  At summer camp, the Peanuts gang put up with poor food and the girls winning all the sports competitions. To get even, the boys challenge them to an arm-wrestling contest between Lucy and “The Masked Marvel” – aka Snoopy in disguise. Will the boys triumph or stay defeated?

 He’s a Bully, Charlie Brown also features an episode of The Charlie Brown & Snoopy Show, which includes four delightful segments, including Shoveling, Rerun, Lost Blanket and The Manager.


He’s a Bully, Charlie Brown, sends a powerful message. From time to time, we’re all faced with situations in which we have to be strong, courageous and stand up for what we believe is right,” said Mary Ellen Thomas, Vice President Family & Animation Marketing. She added, “We’re delighted to release this inspiring collection. If you love Peanuts, this is one title you won’t want to miss.”
I can't wait for this release!    You can pre-order this title today on Amazon...

I am so excited to tell you that the folks t Warner Bros Home Entertainment are giving one RBM reader a copy of He's A Bully Charlie Brown. Thanks so much to the sponsor and good luck! To enter, please use the Rafflecopter link.... a Rafflecopter giveaway Pin It

Out Now! Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Tiger-Tastic 3 Pack! Review & Giveaway!

One of my most favorite children's programs that is currently on the air is one that brings me right back to my childhood and the time I spent watching Mr. Roger's.  These days my daughter spends her days among a neighborhood that was the brain child of Mr. Rogers....Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.  This charming show has been a favorite here in our home and I was so excited to receive the brand new DVD set, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood:  Tiger-Tastic 3  Pack, to watch with "R".  We couldn't wait to watch.  Here is the scoop...

This new DVD set includes 24 tales, and two bonus stories, from The Fred Rogers Company’s popular PBS KIDS series DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD. The DVDs included in this three pack are “Life’s Little Lessons,” “Daniel’s Big Feelings,” and “Daniel Tries Something New.” The “TIGER-TASTIC 3 PACK” features stories that will help kids as they’re faced with challenges and experience new emotions, such as jealousy and frustration.
Life’s Little Lessons – Kids will learn about going to the potty with Daniel in two stories. A fun little song will help young children. “When you have to go potty, stop and go right away. Flush and wash and be on your way.” Other stories featured on this DVD are “Daniel Visits School,” “Daniel Visits the Doctor,” “Daniel Shares his Tigertastic Car,” “Katerina Shares her Tutu,” “Good Morning Daniel,” and “Goodnight Daniel.”
Daniel’s Big Feelings – Daniel helps teach kids about a wide range of emotions in this DVD such as frustration, jealousy, and empathy. In the story “Someone Else’s Feelings,” Daniel is using a hammer as he pretends to fix Trolley, but Daniel’s hammering is too loud for O the Owl and hurts his ears. Mom Tiger sees that O the Owl is uncomfortable and talks to Daniel about thinking about O the Owl’s feelings. Other stories featured on this DVD are “Empathy at School,” “Duckling Goes Home,” Daniel Feels Left Out,” “Daniel Gets Frustrated,” “Frustration at School,” “Daniel is Jealous,” and “Jealousy at the Treehouse.” Two bonus stories are also on this DVD – “Daniel Gets Mad” and “Katerina Gets Mad.”
Daniel Tries Something New – This grr-ific DVD includes important lessons about waiting, playing together, the fact that grownups come back, and working together. In the tale “Teacher Harriet’s Birthday,” Daniel, his classmates, and Mom Tiger decorate the classroom for Teacher Harriet’s birthday. As Daniel and friends work to create a rainbow from streamers, they uncover that, “if you can’t do it alone work together!” Other stories featured on this DVD are “Daniel’s Babysitter,” “Daniel Goes to School,” “Prince Wednesday Finds a Way to Play,” “Finding a Way to Play on Backwards Day,” “Daniel Waits for Show and Tell,” “A Night Out at the Restaurant,” and “The Dragon Dance.”
Our Thoughts:  It came as no surprise to me that this was a slam dunk with my daughter.  This show is just SO sweet and it caters to the emotions that all pre-schoolers are working on and through.  From navigating school, friendships and feelings, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood helps kiddos understand their feelings in a way that makes them feel good about themselves.  I really love seeing Mr. Roger's puppets come to life in this brings me right back and I love that I can share those memories with my own children.
This show is a must watch for any young child and I dare you not to sing along with the catchy songs.  The "potty song" has been a staple in our house for years!  You can buy this 3 DVD set now on Amazon....
I am so excited to tell you that one lucky RBM reader will win a copy of the Tiger-Tastic 3 Pack!  Thanks so much to the sponsor and good luck! Please use the Rafflecopter form to enter...
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Friday, September 25, 2015

Reviewed by Mom is Going to Disney!!!

One week from today my family and I are headed to Disney.  I am SO excited.  We made our reservations about a year ago and it seemed so far away and I can't believe it is almost here.

My husband and kids have never been and I have not been since I was 10 years old (a long time ago) and we couldn't be more excited.  We are staying at the All Star Sports Resort because my kids are crazy over all things sports and we are planning to hit the 4 Disney Parks, Typhoon Lagoon and Universal Studios.  It is going to be a whirlwind and I can't wait!

I need your help readers!!  What are your favorite things to do in Disney or must see's?  I have read some guidebooks but I want to know what YOU think I should do while I am there!  Be sure to follow me on Instagram too as I will be sharing photos from our trip.  Find me here...

I will be waiting for your advice so please comment below.  7 days and counting :)!! Pin It

Transformers Prime" Ultimate Decepticons...Review and Giveaway!

It is a Transformers kind of day here at Reviewed by Mom!  My latest giveaway is a DVD that was released earlier this month by Shout! Factory...Transformers Prime:  Ultimate Decepticons.   Here is the scoop...

Spring into action with the Autobots from Hasbro Studios’ Emmy® Award-winning series TRANSFORMERS PRIME!  Beloved by kids and legions of fans worldwide, OPTIMUS PRIME boldly serves as the leader of an elite squad of trusted Autobots. On September 8, 2015, Shout! Factory Kids, in collaboration with Hasbro Studios, will release TRANSFORMERS PRIME: ULTIMATE DECEPTICONS on DVD, featuring a collection of five epic Autobots vs. Decepticons adventures from the TRANSFORMERS PRIME lore. Packed with visually stunning CG animation and unforgettable characters, this new DVD delivers fun-filled home entertainment that kids and parents will enjoy!

While the Autobots have vowed to protect Earth, Megatron and his treacherous Decepticons have vowed to strip it of its valuable Energon, no matter the cost. Somehow, Optimus Prime and his Autobots always seem to get in the way. With Ultimate Decepticons, you can now see five of the greatest Decepticon stories, featuring Starscream, Skyquake, Makeshift, Airachnid, Dreadwing, Predaking, Knock Out and more of your all-time favorite transforming villains!
Five action-packed episodes include:
·         Masters And Students
·         Con Job
·         Crossfire
·         Prey
·         Thirst
Our Thoughts: As I mentioned earlier this week, the Tranformers really are a slam dunk when it comes to excitement and adventure. Ultimate Decpeticons has no shortage of exciting adventures and  battles that kept my boys engaged.  They love Optimus Prime and his Autobots and are always rooting for them over the "bad guy" Megatron.  If you have a Transformers fan in your life, this DVD is a must have!
You can purchase the DVD on Amazon...
I am so excited to tell you that Shout! Factory is giving one lucky Reviewed by Mom reader a copy of Transformers Prime: Ultimate Decpepticons!!  To enter, use the Rafflecopter form that follows.....

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My Dream for You is Happiness by Carol Ann Hausman....Review and Giveaway!

I have a lovely children's book to share with you today, My Dream for You is Happiness by Carole Ann Hausman.  This book has become a fast favorite with  my 5 year old daughter and is one we have already read countless times.  Here is the scoop...

Elegantly written by Carole Ann Hausman and gorgeously illustrated by Joanne RaptisMy Dream for You Is Happiness is designed to capture that covenant between child and a loved one reminding that special child how much they are loved. Perfect for getting ready for naptime or bedtime, My Dream for You Is Happiness will plant soothing seeds of serenity in that magic time just before drifting off to dreamland.  The book is not a "once upon a time" story from a child's viewpoint, but a journey for all in contentment, joy and wonder.
"I felt so secure and loved as a little girl when my grandmother would read to me," says Carole Ann.  "Reading time was special and sacred because she would stop the millions of things she was doing, sit down, put me in her lap and read. Everything else could wait.  Time stood still.  I was absorbed in the lyrical sound of her voice and the gentle turning of the pages. 
 “It is in this tradition that I created the My Dream for You book series."
Even the youngest of babies who may not quite understand the words in the book will understand the gentle feelings and sweet sentiments that make this new series a must for friends and families to enjoy together over and over again.  
No matter your age, no matter how many possessions you have or lack, no matter what your child wants to be when he or she grows up, the dream for a contented life is universal and infinite.  Just “think of all the people who love you very much, take a deep breath and be happy.”
Our Thoughts:  This book is a true gem.   Not only is it the ultimate bedtime story but to be honest, it really is the ultimate any time story.   The message of love and happiness flows from page to page with thoughtful text and charming images.  I think the author really conveys what we want for the people in our life...happiness!  It is a sweet reminder that there is joy and happiness to be found all around us and everywhere we go and that even when things don't go exactly how we plan, we can choose happiness.  What a powerful message for all!  I especially love this part and get choked up (in a good way :)) each time I read it....
"When I tuck you into bed each night, I wonder what your life will be when you grow up."  I love that line because that is exactly what I do and, like the books says further on, "My dream for you is that you will have all the happiness and joy in your life that you have brought to mine".   The is book is beautiful and should be on the shelf of every little one.  You can purchase the book now on Amazon...

I am also really excited to tell you that this book is the first in a planned series with a second book coming out early in 2016 so stay tuned for that! Great news!

Giveaway Alert: One lucky reader will win a copy of My Dream for you is Happiness! Thanks to the sponsor and good luck! To enter, please use the Rafflecopter form that follows.... a Rafflecopter giveaway Pin It

I'm Having a Party!!! Please Come!

Good Morning All!  I am about to dash off to post a couple more giveaways for you (I have SO many in store for you this week!!) but I wanted to mention something else to you before I forget.  On Sunday night (9/27) I am having my very first online FB party and I want you to come.  I need all the support I can get :)!  I am having an It Works party where for one hour beginning at 8 pm EST I will be sharing information about It Works products and the business and I will be giving away some fabulous prizes including some of the great wraps that made the company famous AND the lip and eye cream I can't live without.  You can only win if you RSVP and come so be sure to visit the Facebook Page and get your RSVP in (FYI....there are not a lot of people currently coming to the party so chances of winning are pretty great!).  Here is the link...

And if you want to scope out the products before the party, please feel free to visit and shop at my website....

 If you have any questions please reach out to me at

Please come and make my first party success.  If this one goes well I can promise you it will become a regular Reviewed by Mom feature :). Pin It

TRANSFORMERS: ROBOTS IN DISGUISE: A New Autobot Mission....Review & Giveaway!

On October 20th, Shout! Factory will release a new DVD featuring the Transformers....those robots have some seriously timeless appeal!  I remember them being all the rage even back when I was a kid.  Here is the scoop on this upcoming release....

The lure of TRANSFORMRES saga begins a new chapter as BUMBLEBEE and a team of AUTOBOT action heroes embark on a new mission to protect and save Earth from a new faction of DECEPTICONS. Hasbro Studios’ new top-rated animated series TRANSFORMERS: ROBOTS IN DISGUISE, which airs on Cartoon Network, is the latest installment of TRANSFORMERS franchise and builds on the lore of both the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS. Featuring an all-new animation style, this new hit series is filled with exciting, action adventures and great humor for fans of all ages.

The new mission begins as BUMBLEBEE must step up to be leader in the years after we left the AUTOBOTS in TRANSFORMERS PRIME. Summoned by OPTIMUS PRIME to save Earth from a new DECEPTICON threat, BUMBLEBEE puts his light-hearted mettle to the test after assembling a rouge team of AUTOBOTS action heroes. BUMBLEBEE must balance his job fighting off evil with being equal parts squad leader and coach to a rascally team that needs constant coaxing to learn how to work together. The results are comical when the cool rebel SIDESWIPE, elite guard cadet STRONGARM, bombastic dinobot GRIMLOCK and overly-excited mini-con FIXIT must balance keeping the team together with chasing and capturing their new enemies in each adventure-filled episode.
TRANSFORMERS ROBOTS IN DISGUISE features the voice talent of Will Friedle (Boy Meets World), Darren Criss (Glee), Constance Zimmer (Entourage), Khary Payton (Teen Titans Go!), Mitchell Whitfield (TMNT) and Peter Cullen who voices OPTIMUS PRIME when he makes cameo appearances in this series.
Five action-packed TRANSFORMERS: ROBOTS IN DISGUISE adventures include:
  • Pilot, Part 1
  • Pilot, Part 2
  • Trust Exercises
  • More Than Meets The Eye
  • W.W.O.D.
 Our Thoughts:  As I mentioned above, The Transformers have some real staying  power.  The characters and premise have not only been around a long time but they also have huge fans on the small screen and their cartoon counterparts make the transition well.  My kids are too little for the Transformers movies but this DVD is just the right speed for my 9 year olds.  They love the excitement of the episodes from the story line to the drama with their enemies....the kids ate it right up!  You can pre order the DVD from Amazon now to be shipped on release date....

I am so pleased to tell you that the people at Shout! Factory are giving one lucky Reviewed by Mom reader a copy of Transformers: Robots in Disguise A New Autobot Mission! Thanks to the sponsor and good luck! To enter please use the Rafflecopter form that follows.... a Rafflecopter giveaway Pin It

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Aerobie Superdisc....Review and Giveaway!

My family loves to be outdoors.  This summer has been filled with swimming, hiking, baseball and a new favorite toy...the Aerobie Superdisc.  Have you guys seen these yet???  Here is the scoop...

The long, accurate flights of the Superdisc Ultra are made possible by its advanced aerodynamic design which incorporates a proprietary spoiler rim with a rubber edge for soft catches. The original Superdisc became a favorite shortly after its debut because players of all skill levels could throw it well and enjoy its stable, accurate flights. The Superdisc Ultra was developed in response to Superdisc fans clamoring for a larger, heavier version.
The Superdisc Ultra’s rubber edge provides a great grip for strong throws. It also feels soft to catch and does not develop sharp scratches and burrs like a conventional hard plastic flying disc when it hits pavement and other hard objects. Available in yellow, red, blue, and green.

See it in action....

Our Thoughts:  This toy was a slam dunk in our active family.  First of all, the large size makes it easier for smaller hands to catch as does the rubber sides (also less painful if you miss...take it from me :)).  We have taken it to our local park where there is a lot of space and boy can this thing fly!  We have also taken it to the beach and it is great because it can float.  The Aerobie currently "lives" in the backseat of my car as one of the "go to" toys we can all enjoy together.  If you have a family who likes to stay active together this is a can't miss!  You can purchase the Aerobie Superdisc at Sports Authority, Do It Best, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and other major sporting goods stores across the country and it reatails for ONLY $10!  Visit the Aerobie website for more information and other great products HERE.

I am so excited to tell you that Aerobie is giving one lucky Reviewed by Mom reader an Aerobie Superdisc of their own.  Thanks so much to the sponsor and good luck!  To enter please use the Rafflecopter form. a Rafflecopter giveaway Pin It

The Invisibles by Cecelia Galante...Review and Giveaway!

Who is ready for another great read for the fall?  Here is the scoop on the book I just finished up, The Invisibles by Cecilia Galante.....

In the vein of Meg Donohue and Jennifer Close, comes Cecilia Galante’s adult debut about the complicated and powerful bonds of female friendship—a compelling, moving novel that is told in both the present and the past.
Thrown together by chance as teenagers at Turning Winds Home for Girls, Nora, Ozzie, Monica, and Grace quickly bond over their troubled pasts and form their own family which they dub The Invisibles. But when tragedy strikes after graduation, Nora is left to deal with the horrifying aftermath alone as the other three girls leave home and don’t look back.
Fourteen years later, Nora is living a quiet, single life working in the local library. She is content to focus on her collection of “first lines” (her favorite opening lines from novels) and her dog, Alice Walker, when out-of-the-blue Ozzie calls her on her thirty-second birthday. But after all these years, Ozzie hasn’t called her to wish a happy birthday. Instead, she tells Nora that Grace attempted suicide and is pleading for The Invisibles to convene again. Nora is torn: she is thrilled at the thought of being in touch with her friends, and yet she is hesitant at seeing these women after such a long and silent period of time. Bolstered by her friends at the library, Nora joins The Invisibles in Chicago for a reunion that sets off an extraordinary chain of events that will change each of their lives forever.
The Invisibles is an unforgettable novel that asks the questions: How much of our pasts define our present selves? And what does it take to let go of some of our most painful wounds and move on?

My Thoughts:  I  loved this book!  The author did a fantastic job of weaving the four women of this tale together and creating a cast of characters you will laugh and cry with and who will keep you guessing until the end.  Right from the get go, the author springs into action and hooks you.  I enjoyed her depiction of the power of friendship and all the complicated emotions that go along with those friendships and how they define you throughout your life.    If you are looking for a great read to start the fall off, I highly recommend this one!  Pick up The Invisibles by Cecelia Galante today on Amazon....

I am so excited to tell you that the publisher is giving one lucky Reviewed by Mom reader a copy of The Invisibles!  Thank you so much to the sponsor and good luck!  Please use the Rafflecopter form to enter.... a Rafflecopter giveaway Pin It

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Frozen Wild by Jim Arnosky....Review and Giveaway!

The kids and I have been reading a wonderful children's book this week and I am really excited to share it with you all.  Frozen Wild by Jim Arnosky is a must read for the animal lovers in your life.  Here is the scoop...

Quietly it comes—the dark and chill of winter. And in the snow-covered fields and forests, the great northern plains, vast stretches of frozen tundra, and icy polar regions, wild animals have to survive day after day, night after night, out in the cold. How do they do it? Kids can bundle up and join award-winning author, illustrator, and naturalist Jim Arnosky as he follows the tracks of otters, beavers, moose, polar bears, killer whales, penguins, fur seals, and other creatures to discover more about their lives during this frigid season. Arnosky's stunning art includes five magnificent foldouts that reveal worlds under the ice and at the farthest, frostiest reaches of the globe.
Our Thoughts:  First off, this topic was a very popular one in our house.  One of my 8 year old sons did a big study of the Artic at the end of the last school year so he was so excited to learn more about these animals.  My other two kiddos have enjoyed the book just as much too.  It is always nice when you find a book that appeals to all your little ones!
Frozen Wild offers insight into the lives of some of kids favorite animals with lots of interesting facts about habitat, eating habits, appearance as well as just how they can survive (and thrive) in the harsh environments they call home.  My kids soaked in all the facts as well as thoroughly enjoyed the illustrations and diagrams.  The foldout sections are particularly well done with lots of information and pictures.
My son has asked me to pick up a copy of this book to gift his teacher from last year.  When I suggested to him that we give our own copy to her when we are finished he informed me that we would never be finished with our copy.  I think that about sums up how much my crew enjoyed the book!
You can pick up your own copy of Frozen Wild today on Amazon.

I am so pleased to tell you that the publisher, Sterling Publishing, is giving one lucky RBM reader a copy of Frozen Wild.  Thanks so much to the sponsor and good luck!  To enter please use the Rafflecopter form.... a Rafflecopter giveaway Pin It

Join my Team...Lets Make Some $$ Together!

As you all know, I am now an It Works rep.  I love the products.  If I didn't genuinely love them I wouldn't feel good about being a rep.  I have to believe in something if I am asking my friends and family to try it out too.  Both the skin care line and the greens have made such a difference in how I look and feel.

Not only do I love the products, I am excited about the business side of it as well.  It is a wonderful way to make some extra money and to do it quickly.  If you are passionate you can make a BIG paycheck.  I don't know about you but I currently have a  part time job, 3 kids, a house that is forever under construction, a husband, a dog and 3 hermit crabs (I know!  My kids totally talked me into that one!)....I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to a side business but I don't need a lot of time for this.  The products are so great that they basically sell themselves plus I enjoy helping people to meet their health and beauty goals.  I am working on growing my team and I would love the chance to sign some of my readers on.  I would be there every step of the way to get you set up and to help you achieve your financial goals.  Message me or send me an email at and let's make a plan.  Pin It

Photo of the Day....The Drive In!

Can anyone guess what we did this  past weekend??  We hit the drive in!  I love the drive first one was when I just a tiny thing and my aunt took me to see The Fox and the Hound (I am probably dating myself there!).  I love that I can take my kids to that same "retro" type place and enjoy a movie while we all cozy up with snacks in the back of the car.  It is such a great summer treat.  We also LOVED the movie we saw...Inside Out.  I will admit that I shed a few tears. What a great movie.  Do you have a drive in close by that you like to visit?  What is the last drive in movie you saw?? Pin It

Sunday, September 6, 2015

I'm an It Works Rep!!

As I have been mentioning lately, my youngest child will be starting kindergarten in just a few days.  She is so ready and in many ways I am too.  For the past 9 years I have been a stay at home mom and it has been, hands down, the most wonderful experience of my life.  Now I get to watch them thrive at school and guide them along the way.  My job is still is as important but I do have more hours during the day which is a bit thrilling.

Of course this means I will have lots  more exciting reviews and giveaways here for you on the site because I will have more time to focus here....hooray!  I have also decided to become a rep for a company that has helped me to feel amazing.  I am super excited about the opportunity to now sell It Works Products!

About 3  months ago a friend of mine starting to post so me pretty amazing results from an eye cream she was using and I had to try it despite the fact that I am usually a doubter when it comes to things.  However, my tired skin was craving some help.  I started to use an eye cream and night cream with hope but no real expectation.  The verdict?  Wow.  Just wow!  My eyes look more awake and fresh and that "papery" skin on my neck that was freaking me out is gone.  All for far less than some of the products I had been researching and the ingredients from It Works are all natural.

Since then I have tried many more products which I will be sharing with you all here and I am excited to do it.  You will love them.  It Works has everything from skin care to supplements to all natural greens to give your body a boost, not to mention the wraps which have people changing the look of their bodies almost immediately.

If you are interested in learning more about the products or would like to see some photos, please message me here with your contact information or email me at  I would love to help you feel as great as I do! Pin It

Season of the Dragonflies...Review & Giveaway!

Are you looking for another book to add to your "must read" pile for fall? Season of the Dragonflies by Sarah Creech is a book I just finished up and I would add it for sure! Here is the scoop...

  About the Book

As beguiling as the novels of Alice Hoffman, Adriana Trigiani, Aimee Bender, and Sarah Addison Allen, Season of the Dragonflies is a story of flowers, sisters, practical magic, old secrets, and new love, set in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
For generations, the Lenore women have manufactured a perfume unlike any other, and guarded the unique and mysterious ingredients. Their perfumery, hidden in the quiet rolling hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, creates one special elixir that secretly sells for millions of dollars to the world’s most powerful—movie stars, politicians, artists, and CEOs. The Lenore’s signature perfume is actually the key to their success.
Willow, the coolly elegant Lenore family matriarch, is the brains behind the company. Her gorgeous, golden-haired daughter Mya is its heart. Like her foremothers, she can “read” scents and envision their power. Willow’s younger daughter, dark-haired, soulful Lucia, claims no magical touch, nor does she want any part of the family business. She left the mountains years ago to make her own way. But trouble is brewing. Willow is experiencing strange spells of forgetfulness. Mya is plotting a coup. A client is threatening blackmail. And most ominously, the unique flowers used in their perfume are dying.
Whoever can save the company will inherit it. Though Mya is the obvious choice, Lucia has begun showing signs of her own special abilities. And her return to the mountains—heralded by a swarm of blue dragonflies—may be the answer they all need.

My Thoughts:  I am not typically a fantasy/magical book fan but, at it's core, this book is more of a tale of family and family dynamics so I went for it and I am so glad I did.  The plot line was unique and the characters were so engaging that it was hard to put the book down.  While I was intrigued by the quest to keep the business going, what I most enjoyed was Creech's exploration of the relationships between mothers and daughters and sisters.  She did a wonderful job of creating likable characters the reader feels invested in.  I would happily recommend this book and am looking forward to the authors next book.  You can pick up Season of the Dragonflies today on Amazon...

I am so pleased to tell you that the publisher is giving one lucky Reviewed by Mom reader a copy of Season of the Dragonflies!  Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter and good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway Pin It

Friday, September 4, 2015

Littlest Pet Shop Halloween Fest...Review & Giveaway!

Are you ready for Halloween yet? It is one of my most favorite holidays and I am always excited when there is a new Halloween DVD on the shelves! Earlier this week   Shout! Factory released Littlest Pet Shop:  Halloween Fest.  Here is the scoop...

Join Blythe Baxter and all her furry friends at the Littlest Pet Shop for some tricks and treats this Halloween!  On September 1, 2015, get seriously spooked with Blythe and her pet pals with Littlest Pet Shop: Halloween Fest from Shout! Factory, in collaboration with Hasbro Studios. More fun comes with a pumpkin carving stencil inside!
It’s the spookiest time of the year and Blythe and her best friends from the Littlest Pet Shop are ready for all the spine-tingling adventures, including investigating werewolves, ghosts, pet psychics, aliens from outer space and a mysterious jungle curse! It’s all here in The Littlest Pet Shop: Halloween Fest!
Episodes Include:
Eight Arms To Hold You
Pawlm Reading

Our Thoughts:  My 5 year old daughter loves this show.  The fact that the episodes on the DVD are all Halloween themed total sealed the deal of this being a favorite.  It is Halloween fun with excitement without being too scary.  This DVD is a sure hit for the little girls in your life.  You can pick it up today on Amazon...


I am so excited to tell you that Shout! Factory is giving one lucky Reviewed by Mom reader a copy of this spooky DVD! To enter use the Rafflecopter form... a Rafflecopter giveaway Pin It

Photo of the Day....Moosehead Sunset

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