Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Day I Died by Lori Rader-Day...Review & Giveaway! 3 Winners!

I just finished up a great read earlier this month!  The Day I Died by Lori Rader-Day is a book just perfect for keeping you up on summer nights.  Here is the scoop...

From the award-winning author of Little Pretty Things comes this gripping, unforgettable tale of a mother's desperate search for a lost boy.
Anna Winger can know people better than they know themselves with only a glance—at their handwriting. Hired out by companies wanting to land trustworthy employees and by the lovelorn hoping to find happiness, Anna likes to keep the real-life mess of other people at arm’s length and on paper. But when she is called to use her expertise on a note left behind at a murder scene in the small town she and her son have recently moved to, the crime gets under Anna’s skin and rips open her narrow life for all to see. To save her son—and herself—once and for all, Anna will face her every fear, her every mistake, and the past she thought she'd rewritten.

My Thoughts:  I love a good thriller/mystery and The Day I Died falls nicely into this category.  This is a story about the lengths a mother will go to protect her child filled in with lots of suspense and twists and turns.  I found Anna's profession quite intriguing and it added an interesting layer to the book.  She is a "real deal" doing handwriting analysis to figure people out and solve crimes.  It is also a profession that has allowed her to stay on the run with her son for many years.  However, things start to get much  more complicated when she dives into the new case in her latest small town of Parks.  This case involves a missing toddler and his mother and the husband/father  who appears to be abusive which brings up all kinds of memories for Anna.  When her own son, Josh, goes missing the life she has been running from must now be faced. 

This book has a lot going a good way!  There were "what-ifs" at every turn that kept me guessing.  I liked the character of Anna because she was real.  Sometimes you could totally relate but other times I just wanted to shake her.  The author did a wonderful job creating a main character that is both believable and fascinating.  The Day I Died would be a wonderful summer reading pick!

Buy It:  You can purchase The Day I Died at your local bookstore of on the Harper Collins website by clicking HERE.

Win It:  Harper Collins is giving THREE lucky Reviewed by Mom followers a copy of The Day I Died!  Thanks so much to the sponsor and good luck!
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Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Boxcar Children: Journey on a Runaway Train...Review & Giveaway! 2 Winners!

I am so excited to tell you about a whole new set of adventures from some well loved literary characters! The Boxcar Children are still solving mysteries and Journey on a Runaway Train is the first book in the "Great Adventure Series". Here is the scoop...

In this all-new very special mini-series, the Aldens have been recruited by a secret society to return lost artifacts and treasures to their rightful locations—all around the world! After finding a painted turtle figurine, the Aldens are introduced to the Silverton family and Reddimus Society, a secret guild whose mission is to return lost artifacts and treasures to the sites they were taken from. The Aldens board a private train to New Mexico to return the turtle to its original home, and they encounter enemies of Reddimus along the way! The trip is a success… but instead of returning home, there’s a last-minute change in plans. The Boxcar Children must continue the mission for the society and deliver more things, all around the globe!

Our Thoughts:   I am  a long time fan of The Boxcar Children.  I read the series when I was a kid and I was reintroduced when I began to read it aloud again to my kids.  The fun adventures of the Alden children never fail to hook my kids whether it be a shared read aloud or an independent read now that they are older.  I was more than a little excited about this new series and couldn't wait to dive into it with the kids.

First of all, because the original Boxcar Children books were written many years ago they can feel a little dated.  I actually think this is a bit charming but sometimes things need a little translating for 21st century kids! This new series has the Alden kids still forever young but living in a more modern world.  That being said, the wonderfully wholesome vibe that the series has always exhibited is still on full display.  The children, Henry, Jessie, Violet and Benny are still great kids with a keen sense of adventure and family values that can't be beat.

Journey on a Runaway Train is a great new series for early readers.  I love it as a read aloud for family time.  It is one of those great series that has appeal across the ages which  means my 10 years old and my 7 year old are all fans (love it when that happens!).    There is plenty of excitement and teamwork and this first book sets the stage for a worldwide adventure that the kids and I are excited to tag along on.  You can pick up this book on the Albert Whitman website HERE.  This would make a great Summer Vacation book!

I am thrilled to tell you that the publisher, Albert Whitman, is giving TWO lucky Reviewed by Mom followers a copy of The Boxcar Children:  Journey on a Runaway Train.  Thanks so much to the sponsor and good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway

A Piece of the World by Christina Baker Kline Review & Giveaway!

My book club and I just finished up a truly amazing book.  A Piece of the World by Christina Baker Kline is destined to be one of the "it books" of the year and it should definitely find its' way onto your reading list for the summer.  Here is the scoop...

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the smash bestseller Orphan Train, a stunning and atmospheric novel of friendship, passion, and art, inspired by Andrew Wyeth’s mysterious and iconic painting Christina’s World.
"Later he told me that he’d been afraid to show me the painting. He thought I wouldn’t like the way he portrayed me: dragging myself across the field, fingers clutching dirt, my legs twisted behind. The arid moonscape of wheatgrass and timothy. That dilapidated house in the distance, looming up like a secret that won’t stay hidden."
To Christina Olson, the entire world was her family’s remote farm in the small coastal town of Cushing, Maine. Born in the home her family had lived in for generations, and increasingly incapacitated by illness, Christina seemed destined for a small life. Instead, for more than twenty years, she was host and inspiration for the artist Andrew Wyeth, and became the subject of one of the best known American paintings of the twentieth century.
As she did in her beloved smash bestseller Orphan Train, Christina Baker Kline interweaves fact and fiction in a powerful novel that illuminates a little-known part of America’s history. Bringing into focus the flesh-and-blood woman behind the portrait, she vividly imagines the life of a woman with a complicated relationship to her family and her past, and a special bond with one of our greatest modern artists.
Told in evocative and lucid prose, A Piece of the World is a story about the burdens and blessings of family history, and how artist and muse can come together to forge a new and timeless legacy.

My Thoughts:  I was already a fan of this author because of Orphan Train.  I love her writing style and how she gets right into the hearts of her characters.  In A Piece of the World, Kline takes on the iconic figure, Christina Olson.  Now, I knew about Christina Olson because she lived in Maine (like me!) and my grandparents had a framed print of Christina's World in their living room when I was growing up.  The painting....

I was more than a little excited to hear how Kline imagined life was for the girl in the painting I grew up looking at. 

Christina Olson suffered from many physical limitations that made walking and moving an incredible struggle.  Despite very significant disabilities Christina was the strength within her household from a very early age.   Kline does a remarkable job of portraying the despair of the drudgery of day-to-day life in a very isolated part of the country.  Sometimes the book felt achingly heavy to read....but in a good way if that makes any sense at all!  There were sparks of hope and happiness within the pages though particularly when Andrew Wyeth enters the scene. 

Wyeth is portrayed as a real ray of sunshine in what must have been a very dreary existence for Christina.  His interest in her life both surprised and delighted her and the result was some of the very best in  Americana art.  As I was reading the book I found myself googling Wyeth, wanting to see his images as well as the paintings he had done on the Olson property.  I was spellbound.

I can't recommend this book enough.  It was a fascinating read that connected me to a part of Maine history.  Christina Baker Kline has once again taken facts and added her wonderfully imaginative special touch. This is a must read!  You can pick it up today on the Harper Collins website HERE.

I am thrilled to tell you that the publisher, Harper Collins, is giving one lucky Reviewed by Mom reader a copy of A Piece of the World.  Thanks so much to the sponsor and good luck!
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Freebies.....Get 'Em While They Last!

Hi Readers.

I have a few freebies to post for you that I thought you might be interested in.  I am super excited about the Taste of Home one.  I love that magazine!  These are all in limited supply though so be sure to scoop them up before they are gone.  Happy Saving!

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy 1000 Dot-To-Dot Book....Review & Giveaway!

Are you looking for something fun to gift the dad in your life this Father's Day? I know Guardians of the Galaxy is all the rage right now and LOTS of dads are big fans!   There is a brand new book out that  is the perfect way for dads (and fans!) to find their inner Zen...Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy 1000 Dot-To-Dot Book!  This books gives hours of fun and is the perfect way to tune out the busy world!  Here is the scoop....

Join your favorite band of interstellar heroes on a thrilling adventure from best-selling dot-to-dot artist Thomas Pavitte. Featuring 20 complex puzzles to complete, each consisting of at least 1,000 dots, this book will bring hours of fun to fans of Rocket, Groot, Star-Lord, and the rest of the team. Marvel fans will have a blast bringing the Guardians and their foes to life!

Our Thoughts:  This is not your 5 year old's dot-to-dot book. This is one for grown-ups!  Check out how detailed and tiny the numbers are...

However, with determination you will re-create some of your favorite characters like these....

Like adult coloring books, these detailed dot-to-dots allow for grown-ups to relax and recharge by enjoying a "ramped up" childhood pastime.  The pages are perforated allowing you to either rip each page out to complete or you can leave them all in the book.  This would make a great gift for the Guardian's of the Galaxy fan or a super Father's Day gift for the dad who could use a little bit of down time. 

Right now these are on sale on Amazon for just $11 and are prime eligible....woo-hoo!

I am so excited to tell you that one lucky Reviewed by Mom reader will win their very own Guardians of the Galaxy 1000 Dot-to-Dot Book!  Thanks so much to the sponsor and good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Battles of Tolkien by David Day....Review and Giveaway!

I have another unique Father's Day gift idea for you guys! The Battles of Tolkien by David Day. For those of you who don't know, Tolkien is the creator of wildly popular books such as The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. This book is an in-depth look at the battles and is must for any Tolkien fan. Here is the scoop....

The history of J. R. R. Tolkien's fictional world of Middle-earth is filled with epic battles in an ongoing struggle between good and evil. The Battles of Tolkien recounts many of the greatest conflicts over thousands of years, from the earliest skirmishes of the Valarian Ages to the defining battles in the War of the Ring. Insightful commentary by Tolkien scholar David Day discusses how the people, tactics, and weapons influenced the outcome of each battle, and also how the legends of Middle-earth relate to the real-world mythology on which Tolkien based his famous literary creation. Maps and full-color illustrations help bring this rich universe to life, making it an invaluable reference book for Tolkien fans of all ages.

Our Thoughts:  First of all, I want to tell you about the cover.  It is lovely.  It is flexibound in leatherette which means it has a rich, buttery feel in your hands.  Inside fans will find history and battles explained, in-depth with detailed pictures like these....

As well as intricate maps.  Each page is a wealth of information for fans and the colorful illustrations are the icing on the cake.  If there is a Tolkien fan in your life (everyone has one!) this book would be a thoughtful and well-loved gift.  You can purchase it on Amazon....
I am so excited to tell you one lucky Reviewed by Mom follower will win a copy of The Battles of Tolkien by David Day. Thanks so much to the sponsor and good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Peg+Cat-Peg and Cat Save the World...Review & Giveaway!

Maine has been rainy for the past two months.  Really, really rainy.  This has meant plenty of movie days for the kids (and me!).  I have been oh so thankful for great new releases from some of my favorite shows including Peg+Cat.  On May 23rd, PBS Kids released Peg+Cat:  Peg and Cat Save the World and this DVD was a real day saver one day last week when rain cancelled a whole day of plans.  We broke up the day with board games, snacks and this adorable DVD.  Here is the scoop...

In this fun-filled, two-part movie, the president of the United States (voiced by actress Sandra Oh) summons Peg and Cat to the White House to solve a problem of national importance! The president needs Peg and Cat to identify a mysterious object floating in space. Using their problem-solving skills, the duo discovers that a giant opera-singing pig is on a collision course with Earth. Can Peg and Cat save the planet from disaster? 

Each PEG + CAT adventure features a story in which Peg and Cat encounter an unexpected challenge that requires them to use their math and problem-solving skills to find a solution. While it teaches specific math lessons, the series also emphasizes the importance of resilience and perseverance.

Our Thoughts:  As with all PBS Kids shows, Peg+Cat is an program that is both engaging and educational.  It is the kind of program that feels acceptable to pop in on a rainy day when your children (and you!) are antsy and more than a little cranky.  This  movie packed in adventure, problem solving and history in a great movie.  This one is a must for the little ones in your life.  As an aside, I also loved that the President was portrayed as a woman!!  Girl Power!  You can pick up this DVD today on Amazon....

Win It!  One Reviewed by Mom follower will win a copy of Peg+Cat: Peg and Cat Save the World!  Thanks so much to the sponsor and good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway

My Little Pony-Friendship is Magic: Twilight and Starlight...Review & Giveaway!

Last week Shout! Kids and Hasbro released a brand new DVD featuring a cast of characters who have long been a favorite here at Reviewed by Mom.  My Little Pony-Friendship is Magic:  Twilight and Starlight is out now and is  must have for My Little Pony fans.  Here is the scoop....

Everypony knows the best gift is the gift of friendship! My Little Pony – Friendship Is Magic: Twilight and Starlight is coming to DVD on May 30 in the U.S. and Canada from Shout! Kids in collaboration with Hasbro Studios. 

Now that she’s fully reformed, Starlight Glimmer still has a lot to learn about friendship.  And who better to teach her all about friendship than the studious pony who once had to learn the valuable lesson herself: Twilight Sparkle? Join Twilight and her best friends — Spike, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Fluttershy — as they embark on the quest to give Starlight the most powerful magic of all… friendship.

Episodes Include:
No Second Prances
To Where and Back Again, Part 1
To Where and Back Again, Part 2
Celestial Advice
All Bottled Up

Bonus Feature:

Our Thoughts:  My Little Pony and all it stands for has been around for ages.  I had the figures as a child and I just celebrated my 40th birthday.  The ponies have certainly had some staying power!  My daughter loves this show and it is one I don't mind watching with her.  The animation is fun and colorful and the story lines are engaging.  The show is full of positive messages of friendship delivered in that charming way of the ponies.  My daughter also really loved the bonus feature sing-a-long!  This DVD is one that she loves!  You can pick it up today on Amazon....

Win It!  Shout! Factory is giving one lucky Reviewed by Mom follower a copy of My Little Pony-Friendship is Magic:  Twilight and Starlight!  Thanks so much to the sponsor and good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Balanced Lion Scrubbie....Review & Giveaway!

I am a person who loves things that are handmade.  There is just something so lovely about things that a person has taken time and care to create.  I also love supporting people in their business endeavors.  I know how hard it is to create a successful business (Reviewed by Mom has been a work in progress for more than 7 years now) so people with their own businesses are really near and dear to me. I was recently contacted by a reader about her business, The Balanced Lion.  The Balanced Lion is owned by a woman named Rose who creates dish "scrubbies" and body "scrubbies".  Scrubbies are a cross between a sponge and a dish cloth in case you were wondering.

Rose sent me one of her dish scrubbies to try out and allowed me to make a color choice.  It was hard to choose because her store featured so many bright and pretty colors.  I decided on teal and it shipped out and arrived to me super quickly....

Full disclosure.   I hate doing dishes.  It is my second most detested chore (right after putting laundry away!).  However....this cheerful little scrubby made me want to tackle the sink full of dishes that awaited.  Good timing! 

The Balanced Lion scrubbies are 100% polyester which means they are have texture but are not overly rough or scratchy.  I had a variety of dishes in the sink (oh joy!) from cooked on pans to drinking glasses and the scrubby was tough enough to remove cooked on food and gentle enough for my thin glass cups.  I liked the feel of the scrubbie and I felt like it got the job done fast.  I also liked that, because it was made of polyester, it dried very quickly and did not hold onto water like a sponge does (ewww).

Another fantastic feature of the scrubbies is that you can pop them right in the washer and dryer.  I love this!  I lost count of how many times I have washed this but it is at least 10....

After washing countless dishes and being washed and dried at least 10 times it still looks as good as new!  I think being able to wash, dry and reuse the scrubby makes it a far better choice than a traditional germy sponge.  Part of the durability is that Rose double knits these so they are extra strong.

On top of having dish scrubbies, there are also exfoliating body scrubbies for your body and face.  I have a shopping cart going right now at The Balanced Lion and I am ordering another dish scrubby for me (because I also hate laundry and I need my scrubbies!) and I am also going to get the exfoliating body scrubbies because my skin is SO dry.  I will let you know what I think of those but I am confident they will be wonderful.

I would highly recommend The Balanced Lion scrubbies.  They are durable, cute, great for the environment and much more sanitary.  These are a new kitchen staple for me.  Visit The Balanced Lion shop HERE. You can also find The Balanced Lion on Twitter and Facebook.

Giveaway!  I am so excited to tell you that one lucky Reviewed by Mom reader will win a Kitchen Scrubby of their choice.  Thanks so much to the sponsor and good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway

KUU KUU Harajuku: Music, Baby!.....Review & Giveaway!

Last month I was sent an upcoming release to review and I have lost count of how many times we have watched it.  My 7 year old daughter loves KUU KUU HARAJUKU:  Music, Baby and can't get enough of it!  It is coming out on DVD next week (June 13th) and if you have a music lover in your life it is a must!  Here is the scoop...

Superstar Gwen Stefani’s animated series KUU KUU HARAJUKU will be coming to DVD in North America from Shout! Factory in collaboration with DHX Media. The first installment, KUU KUU HARAJUKU: MUSIC, BABY!, contains 14 episodes from Season One and will be available on DVD on June 13th 2017. Initial shipments of the DVD contain a code to download the KUU KUU HARAJUKU theme song (while supplies last). KUU KUU HARAJUKU: MUSIC, BABY! is available now for pre-order at and The 2D-animated series currently airs on Nickelodeon in the U.S. and on Family Channel in Canada.

The animated series KUU KUU HARAJUKU follows the fun-filled adventures of the band HJ5 – Love, Angel, Music, Baby and G – through their super kawaii (cute) world of music, fashion and style. The inspiration for this popular animated series came from Grammy® Award-winning musician Stefani who wanted to create an animated series for girls that encourages and celebrates creative self-expression, imagination and individuality.  The show’s setting is inspired by the exuberant street fashion and creative youth culture of the Harajuku district but it takes place in a magical fantasy world like nothing you’ve ever seen before. 

G is the lead singer of HJ5. She’s a natural leader and an amazing friend. She’s positive and enthusiastic, and fond of saying “Tick tock, time to rock!” Love is a fashionista, a great dancer, and cute as a button. She’s also a genius who often saves the day with her inventions. Angel is super chic, fun and enthusiastic. This fashionista has 325 pairs of shoes, and even her accessories have accessories! Music has a tough girl attitude, and is brutally honest. She brings a hint of edge and attitude to the group, and is fiercely protective of her friends. Baby sees the kawaii in all things: babies, puppies, rattlesnakes… She sees the good in everything, and also knows how to take care of herself. As G says, “Baby can charm the fire out of a dragon.”

Then, there is Rudie Rhodes, HJ5’s well-meaning but semi-incompetent manager. He books the band on all sorts of gigs, and they are happy to play anywhere, but dealing with villains, aliens and general Harajuku weirdness makes it impossible for them to ever finish a concert!

Episodes Include:
Totally Teen Genie / Angel’s Flight
Music, Baby / Wanted Audience
Game Over / Phony Ponies
Hello Puppy / G, This Is Awfully Deep
Baby’s Birthday / Labor Of Love
Bad Boy and Little Girl / Yummy Bear Nado
Drums of Doom / Adventures In Housesitting

Our Thoughts:  First of all, my daughter has been a Gwen Stefani fan since birth courtesy of me.  I remember when she hit the music scene as a part of No Doubt and I have been a fan ever since.  My daughter was familiar with her music and style and this fun, animated show only sealed Gwen Stefani's coolness level fate. 

The music is SO catchy and WILL get stuck in your head (not a bad thing).  The characters are fun, quirky, strong and unlike any other you will see on television.  My daughter was immediately drawn into the fashion and Angel quickly became her favorite character.  There is plenty of music and fashion but there is also lots of teaching opportunities with a focus on friendship, individuality and  teamwork.

This show is truly unique and absolutely adorable.  I would highly recommend it!  You can pre-order the DVD today on Amazon...

Win It:  I am so excited to tell you that Shout! Factory is giving one lucky Reviewed by Mom fan a copy of this DVD!  Thanks to the sponsor and good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, June 5, 2017

Cave Tools Grill Light Review

Summer is right around the corner which means grilling is happening very regularly here at Reviewed by Mom. I love eating outside and testing out new recipes for the grill.  Our summers are short here so dining outside is a real treat.  We are actually some of those crazy Mainers though who will grill in snow gear but we take the food inside!

Grilling has been made easier lately thanks to a great product from Cave Tools.  You may remember that I am a huge fan of their salad spinner so I was really excited when they reached out to me about reviewing their grill light. 

This grill light is fantastic.  First of all, it is super bright and has 3 settings to choose from giving 100+ Lumens which is the same lighting used by police officers and firefighters.  You aren't going to be squinting in the dark over your burgers, that is for sure!  It is also water and heat resistant which means you can be out there rain or shine enjoying your grill.  I actually took a photo of ours the other night after my husband grilled in the rain (it feels like it has been raining here for weeks!!).....

Another big plus for the Cave Tool's Grill Light is that it will fit any grill.  The handle clamp is adjustable and can fit any size or shape of grill handle. 

Cave Tools is a company that really believes and stands behind their products.  They have a lifetime satisfaction guaranty.  Yes, LIFETIME.  If at any point you are unhappy with your product you can return it for a full refund.  I think that is a fantastic testament to the quality of their products.

Now you are probably all going to laugh at me now but I had seen that others has used their grill light for a bike or for other flashlight needs because it is so versatile with the adjustment settings.  When  I am not grilling it has become my favorite new book light....

I don't love clip on book lights and my poor husband was tired of me falling asleep with a head lamp on (true story!) so I gave this a try and I love it!  So, my grill light is also my reading light and it functions perfectly in both cases!

Father's Day is right around the corner and the Cave Tools Grill Light would make the perfect gift!  You can buy both on Amazon and directly from the Cave Tools website HERE.

Deal Alert:  Reviewed by Mom readers get a 15% off exclusive code:  BBQLIGHT15

Happy Grilling and thanks to Cave Tools for a great product!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Lumistick Glow Stick Necklaces....Review & Giveaway

Earlier this month I hosted a giveaway for some super fun glow stick bracelets (you can find it

HERE).  Those glowing bracelets have brought tons of fun to my kids!  In honor of Memorial Day last week I was given the opportunity to review Lumistick's red, white and blue necklaces!  As you can see my daughter was delighted when they arrived....

That giant tube contains 50 each of the red, white and blue Lumistick glow sticks and the connectors to put them all together.  My kids think these are so much fun and my daughter likes to accessorize everything with one.....

Please disregard the poor color and light portrayal in the photos because it was daytime and my camera does not take great pictures.  The glow necklaces are so vibrant and fun and BRIGHT in the dark.  These are perfect for barbeques, birthday parties and even great for the pool!

Lumistick necklaces (like the bracelets we loved) keep their glow for a long time.  Their bright glow lasts from 10-12 hours and then gradually fade out but emit some light for up to 36 hours.  That is much longer than other brands which means the fun lasts longer (yes please!!).  I also like that the glow products inside the tubing are non-toxic.  We have never had one break open (they are very sturdy) but knowing that if for some reason some "curious" kiddo decided to find a way to break one open, that the contents inside are safe makes me feel better!  The contents are also not flammable and can be easily washed off clothing with regular soap and water.

  I know these will bring us lots of fun this summer and they are a very affordable way bring some extra excitement to your gathering.  You can purchase these on Amazon right now for just $24.99 and they are prime eligible!! 

You can also visit the Glow Universe website HERE for a lots of fun glow products to liven up your next summer event!

I am thrilled to tell you that THREE lucky Reviewed by Mom followers will win a tube of Lumistick Glow Stick Necklaces.  Thank you so much to the sponsor and best of luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Max 2 White House Hero Game & Giveaway!

**“Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the Blu-ray I reviewed in this Blog Post. The opinions I share are my own.”**

Last year I was lucky enough to review the DVD MAX and the whole family loved it. Now a sequel has just been released and I am sure it will be a big hit for our family again.  Here is the scoop...

MAX 2: White House Hero

Duty calls again, and our hero dog Max returns to action in “Max 2: White House Hero.” His new assignment brings him to Washington, D.C. to serve on the U.S. president’s Secret Service detail. When a foreign leader arrives with his precocious daughter Alex (Francesca Capaldi), tensions arise between both countries. First Son TJ (Zane Austin), along with Max and Alex, uncover a dangerous plot that puts both kids and both nations in jeopardy. A highly-sensitive mission will push Max’s specialized skills, intelligence and loyalty to the test.

Visit the Max 2: White House Hero Website:
Follow Max on Facebook:

Sounds great doesn't it?  I can't wait for our family to watch it together. 

To celebrate the release of Max 2: White House Hero there is a super fun "Run" game for you and the kids to play where you can  help Max save TJ and Alex! Click on the game screen on the below app to play and try and make your best time!

My time was 1:15 which is pretty awful.  I hope you guys can beat me!  Also be sure to click above to watch the trailer.  You don't want to miss it!

Buy It:  You can by MAX 2 White House Hero now on Amazon HERE or anywhere DVD's are sold.

Win It:  Warner Brothers is giving one lucky Reviewed by Mom follower a the Blu-Ray combo pack of Max 2:  White House Hero!  Thanks so much to the sponsor and good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

PBS Kids: All About Allergies...Review & Giveaway!

Earlier this month PBS Kids released a new DVD collection that I think is just perfect for this time of year.  All About Allergies is available now and is a great compilation of some of your kiddos favorite television shows.  Here is the scoop...

ALL ABOUT ALLERGIES” will be available on DVD starting May 9, 2017. The DVD has a run time of approximately 70 minutes and an SRP of $6.99. Stories featured on the new title include:

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Daniel’s Allergy
When Daniel tries a peach for the first time, he learns he is allergic to the fruit. Dad and Doctor Anna take care of him, and Doctor Anna tells Daniel how he can take care of himself, too. 

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Allergies at School
Daniel is celebrating the 100th day at school. He tells Teacher Harriet and his friends that he is allergic to peaches. Teacher Harriet, Katerina, Miss Elaina, O the Owl, and Prince Wednesday take care of Daniel by helping him avoid peaches. They all take care of each other in different ways throughout the school day.

Arthur: Binky Goes Nuts
When Binky discovers that he’s allergic to peanuts, he has so many questions: will he be forced to live without Chinese food? Will he ever again be able to eat with his friends? And most importantly, will his Mom ever calm down? Binky learns that the best way not to go nuts is to be well informed, and to understand his allergy.

Peg + Cat: The Allergy Problem
When Peg is told she’s allergic to Cat, Cat leaves home! Ramone flies Peg around the world in his flying machine that runs on 100 pebbles, in search of her friend.

WordWorld: Achoo!
Pig is allergic to peaches! Too bad Sheep doesn’t know that! When she brings Pig a big bag of peaches to make pies, Pig starts sneezing so much that he can’t even tell Sheep what he really needs is a…a…apples. Sheep tries to guess what Pig needs, imagining a silly array of a-sounding words!

Our Thoughts:  I am the mom to a child with a tree nut allergy so I really appreciate this DVD.  Helping kids navigate and understand what it is like to have an allergy is so helpful.  Having allergies can be very scary for a child and the more that they and their friends can understand what is happening the better.  Having allergies explained by the gentle characters of PBS Kids is truly delightful and I would absolutely recommend this DVD to all families and I think it would also make an important addition to school libraries.  You can purchase the DVD in stores now or on Amazon...

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Tung Brush Review and FREE Product Code!!!

I was recently introduced to a product that I didn't even know our family needed but now I wouldn't live without. Like most parents, I  am trying to instill good oral health habits with my kids and they all do a really great job. As you all probably know, brushing alone isn't enough. Obviously you have to floss but did you know your tongue needs special attention too (and I am NOT talking about a quick swipe with your toothbrush as you finish up brushing your teeth!)? You need a Tung Brush! 

In case you didn't know bad breath and other general "yuck" is mostly caused caused by what is hanging out on your tongue.  Ewww!  Here is some insight on what is happening that you probably don't want to  know about but SHOULD know about...

Why Clean Your Tongue?

90% of the bacteria that cause bad breath live on the tongue — not on the teeth or gums. But bad breath, or “chronic halitosis” as the creator of Listerine famously labelled it in the 1920s, isn’t the only reason to clean your tongue — nor, perhaps, the most important.

Where Does Bad Breath Come From?

The same anaerobic bacteria that are blamed for cavities in your teeth form thick colonies known as biofilm, which allow them to thrive in the nooks and crannies of the tongue. There, they consume leftovers from your meals and emit volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) as waste. These VSCs are the primary source of the odor we know as “bad breath.”
Americans spend more than $3 billion every year on mouthwash, gum, breath mints, and other efforts to reduce bad breath. But often, these efforts do little more than mask the problem, as the biofilms full of bacteria are left to eat, multiply, and continue producing foul-smelling waste on the tongue.

Health Implications

Thriving colonies of bacteria in the mouth are a significant contributor to periodontal disease, known commonly as “gum disease.”

What is Periodontal Disease?

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, Periodontal disease is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the gum tissue and bone supporting the teeth. Not only can untreated periodontal disease lead to tooth loss, research has also shown that it is associated with diabetes, cardiovascular disease (“heart disease”) and other chronic inflammatory diseases.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning your tongue with TUNG Brush & TUNG Gel:
  • reduces the number of bacteria living on the tongue
  • helps neutralize the odors produced by bacteria waste
  • can help reduce the risk of periodontal disease, which in turn is linked to diabetes, heart disease, and other health problems.
Pretty staggering right?  Nobody wants bad breathe and even more than that, nobody wants periodontal disease.  Yikes!  Using your regular toothbrush is not a good idea because it isn't wise to cross contaminate with the way  higher levels of bacteria living on your tongue.  Double yikes!  This is why we are now using the Tung Brush in our home.  It's shape is designed to not trigger the gag reflux and I am happy to knowing we are working  hard to get rid of the yuckies living there.

Now of course my kids love trying new things and after I filled them in on the "creeps" living in their mouths they were anxious to give this a go....

As you can see, my daughter thought it was hilarious which is great because when we make things fun it means they will keep doing them!  Now it has become a part of our morning and night routine.  No bad breath here! 

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Let me know once you receive your brush how you like it.  If you want to learn more you can follow them on Twitter at @Tungbrush.