Sunday, February 21, 2010

Elefun by Hasbro...

A popular game with my three year olds right now is Elefun by Hasbro.   The object of the game is to catch butterflies in the nets provided as they come shooting out of the elephant's trunk.  My boys squeal with delight as they scurry around after the floating butterflies.  It is fun to watch and participate in the fun. I love this game because my kids love it and because it does help with color recognition and counting as well as coordination (catching those butterflies can be a little tricky!).

For all the qualities I love about this game there are some I don't love so much at all.  First of all, those nets pop apart VERY easily.  If your kids are anything like mine they will immediately figure this out and pull them apart at every opportunity.  On top of being bit annoying this also causes a safety issues as the plastic portions can fit around necks...this is definitely a game that I play WITH the kids.  This game is also a serious battery eater.  The butterflies really start flying out of that trunk with brand, spanking new batteries but once the batteries loose a little "oomph" the flying is a little less life-like and you have to give the trunk a bit of a shake. 

The bottom line?  My kids would give this one an A+ but for me it is more of a C-....let's call it an overall B-!  Your kids will love you for buying it and it IS fun.  I would suggest pulling it out on rainy days when you want your kids to burn off some energy...just be sure to have plenty of batteries on hand as well as plenty of time to supervise.

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