Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fleece-Lined Camp Hoodie...

When it comes baby and children's clothing I most often find myself choosing what is cute, durable and on sale (I love me a good bargain!) but occasionally I find an item that earns eternal loyalty.  One of my forever favorites is the Fleece-Lined Camp Hoodie by L.L. Bean. 

I first discovered this hoodie a couple of years ago when the boys each received one as a Christmas gift.  This gem is cotton on the outside and lined with the softest, most divine fur/fleece on the inside (including the hood).  Pure coziness.   For us, this is a four season sweatshirt.  In the spring and fall it can serve as a jacket when  paired with a vest, in winter it is great as an indoor sweatshirt and it is just perfect for a cool summer night.  Even with four seasons of wear and tear this sweatshirt has held up (with little to no fading) so well that it can be passed along to the next child in like new condition. 

The price, at $34.50, is a little more than I would typically like to spend on a child's sweatshirt but with the durability, functionality and the excellent guaranty from L.L. Bean you really can't pass it up.  As a matter of fact, I loved this item so much for my boys that I even  purchased the adult version for myself!  Visit L.L. Bean to outfit the whole family, from baby to dad, in the camp hoodie.  There is a size and color to be found for everyone.  As an FYI...  I would recommend buying one size up as I have found this style to run slightly on the smaller side. 

Visit this link to check it out...LL Bean Camp Hoodie.  Happy Shopping!

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