Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bee Bop Band by Parents...

Like most kids, my boys love musical instruments.  The sound of their own musical creations gets them excited like almost nothing else.  We actually have a whole tote full of various instruments ranging from the barely played to the must haves.  The very fist instruments we received were included in the Bee Bop Band by Parents and those instruments are still played with two years later.

The Bee Bop Band is a drum which is filled with drum sticks, bells, a tambourine, xylophone and maracas.  The instruments are brightly colored and in the shape of various insects...a big hit for kids.  All of the instruments are made of a very durable plastic which is easily cleaned.  I especially like that all of the instruments are stored within the drum, making clean-up a breeze.  Now for what I don't like...the age recommendations from Parents for this toy is 18 months and up which I mostly agree with except for the drum sticks.  I think a toddler with hard plastic drum sticks is simply a recipe for disaster.  I snuck the sticks out of the set and had the boys use their hands on the drum...hello bongos!

I think the Bee Bop Band is an excellent first introduction to musical instruments provided you spirit those drum sticks away.  You can't beat the quality of toys made by Parents and every kid likes the chance to express themselves musically.  Who knows?  You could be housing the next Bach!

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