Thursday, March 11, 2010

Melissa & Doug Stamp & Sort Mailbox...

Like many pre-schoolers, my boys are very interested in the people in the community they see regularly.  The garbage men and our mailman are incredibly popular around here.  We have lots of toys and books about garbage men and trucks but I had not seen much out there to pay homage to our friendly mailman.  I recently discovered the Melissa & Doug Stamp & Sort Mailbox and thought for sure I had found a toy to keep my budding postal workers interest.  Hmmm....I missed the "post" mark (hahaha...I do crack myself up!) on this one.

This wooden mailbox is completely adorable.  It is bright blue and looks just like a real mailbox.  The play set includes six wooden letters and six removable wooden stamps (they attach to the letters with velcro) plus a key (also wooden) to open the mailbox door.  There are three different mail slots on the top to sort each of the letters.  The letters come in different widths so children need to figure out which goes into each slot. 

I want my boys to love this toy for the overall cuteness factor.  I had visions of them spending hours playing mailman with this quaint little toy...except they don't.  They were certainly excited to get the toy but after the initial excitement our little mailbox has grown dusty.  After you get past the appeal of the "look" of the toy there is not much else there.  Now my boys still love to play act and really do love to play mailman and sort mail...just not with the Melissa & Doug Mailbox.  Their tools of choice for this imagination play?  Real envelopes and an empty tissue box to serve as a mailbox.  Go figure! 

So, unless your child specifically asks for this toy, skip it and give them your junk mail and an empty tissue box instead.  Let those imaginations work!

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