Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stroll'r Swivel'rs...

I use my stroller a lot.  Having three young children makes shopping carts pretty inconvenient so I often pile the kids into the stroller and make do.  While this is great for the pocketbook (how much can you REALLY pile on your kids in a stroller without looking unfit??) it is often frustrating when you have more than a couple of things to grab.  I was very excited when I discovered Stroll'r Swivel'rs a couple of years back and have been a loyal user ever since.

Stroll'r Swivel'rs are hooks that attach to your stroller allowing you to hang your purse/diaper bag/shopping bags from the handle.  I often bring recyclable shopping bags into the store, fill them up as I go and then have the bagger load my purchase right back into it.  I leave one or two swivel'rs on my stroller at all times.  I have used the Stroll'r Swivel'rs on several different strollers (standard and jogger styles) and the hook has fit easily onto the handles.  I will say that the plastic can only hold so much so don't get over zealous like I have a couple of times.  I once loaded my twins (when they were babies) into a double stroller, walked to the grocery store and proceeded to hang 2 heavy recyclable bags from one plastic Stroll'r Swivel'r.  Picture one disheveled Mom pushing two squalling babies a 1/2 mile home while dragging two heavy grocery bags...not pretty and a lesson learned.  Plastic, even the durable kind, can only take so much abuse!

I suggest grabbing couple of packs of Stroll'r Swivel'rs (they come in a 2 pack) and stashing one in your car, one in your purse and leaving a couple on your stroller.  You will be prepared when you have that sudden need to shop and are not capable of growing that extra set of hands we moms all need!


Wendy Irene said...
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Wendy Irene said...

Sorry about the first deleted comment. I was typing too fast :) Great idea just using bags to hold what you are going to purchase and having them repack them! Thanks for joining Moms with Blogs! I hope it brings many new faces to your site :)