Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fisher-Price Two Tone Television.... is 5 am and I am awake with my early bird baby.  As soon as there is a hint of a bird chirp outside she is up like a shot.  When we get up, I change her, feed her and then it is play time.  My girl is just beginning to scoot around (she is nearly 6 months) and is finally enjoying a little tummy time.  She is currently loving a certain toy and therefore so am I because it allows me a little down time before the remaining troops bolt downstairs.

The Fisher-Price Two Tone Television is something I had as a kid and is part of the "classic" collection (sort of depressing to be a classic!).  In any case, this oldie but goodie is quite popular with my baby girl.  For those of you who don't remember this throwback from FP, it is a simple, boxy, "TV", that plays two songs while a loop of pictures goes by on the screen.  The songs are Row, Row, Row Your Boat and London Bridge and the volume (for me) is just right (but not adjustable which may be a downside for some).  The rolling scene shows sweet pictures of a boat being rowed by children and children playing London Bridge.  There are two knobs, one that simply spins and the other that winds up the music.  The knob for music is a little tight to turn and it is a bit challenging even for my 3.5 year olds.

The manufacturers recommended age for this toy is 12+ months but I actually think it is appropriate for the younger set.  The pictures are engaging and the music is soothing for a baby and provided you don't let them  knock themselves on the head with it they will enjoy it immensely.  This is a simple toy from a simpler time...not many bells and whistles but, really, how much of that does a child really need anyway?  Check out this retro favorite on Amazon...

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