Friday, May 7, 2010

Garbage Monsters....

As I have mentioned in a couple of previous posts (Tonka Go Green Garbage Truck and Michael Recycle Meets Litterbug Doug), my twins are really (really, really, really!) into all things related to garbage and recycling.  I am sure it will not surprise you when I tell you that a favorite, "go-to" DVD in our house is called "Garbage Monsters"!  I am pretty sure I have a couple of budding sanitation workers on my hands.

Garbage Monsters takes your trash loving kiddo on a full tour of what happens to your trash.  It starts from  when it gets picked up from your curb, then to a recycling/sorting facility, a landfill and then a green waste site.  All along the way you see the different types of garbage trucks used to pick up and haul the garbage to and fro, machines used for sorting and shredding and the workers who make it all happen.  My boys find this entire video mesmerizing.  The director tries to throw in a few lessons on shapes (kids do you see the rectangle on this truck?) but it is really unnecessary and a little bit "huh?".  I am happy with this video for what it is without trying to force it into being traditionally educational. 

Garbage Monsters has a 37 minute run time which is a nice little block of quiet time while the kids learn about recycling...not too shabby.  You might find yourself watching too and, if so, I dare you not to get the rocking theme song out of your head!

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