Monday, June 14, 2010

Matchbox Pop Up Mini Playset...Car Wash

My boys, A&W , love playing cars.  We have more Matchbox cars than I could put a number on and my guys love to play with them all.  We do not have much as far as the accessories go which is fine by me because it lets their imaginations take over (shoe box as garage anyone??) but I could not resist the idea of the Pop Up Mini Play Sets.  I wish I had resisted.  I really, really wish I had resisted!

These play sets are meant to fold up for portability making them fun for on the go.  Not really.  Not for on the go OR at home.  They are small, about the size of a sandwich when folded, but they open up to a 90 degree angle "revealing a world of fun and excitement".  There are two teeny, tiny levels for  playing and each set comes with a car and a few accessories. I like the idea of this toy but it just does not translate well.  Such a small space does not make for much play room and the design just seems awkward.  We have the car wash which comes with little roller sponges and a water tank to fill with real water.  The tank is small...I am talking holds a tablespoon or two of water and the hole to fill it is super small.  Each time the play sets come out I can be prepared for one of two things:

1.  "MOM!!  Please get me more water!"  At least 25 times with the boys getting more aggravated each time they ask because it is no fun to stop playing when you run out of water every 30 seconds.
2.  Sneaky water missions.  You can use your imagination but two 3 year olds trying to fill up an itty-bitty tank full of water from the bathroom sink is far messier than one would think.

Can you tell I am a fan??  Another thing I don't love is that it is hard to fold back up and close especially for little hands.  I really like Matchbox in general, just not this toy.  I think they missed the boat on this one.  I would recommend hauling those cars and trucks outside to play construction or turning your kitchen sink into a car wash....much more satisfying than these little sets.


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