Friday, July 23, 2010

Flashback Friday...Stay-Fresh Baby Food Containers

My freezer is still full of these handy baby food containers!  Baby R gives them a big thumbs up!

As I mentioned in my recent review of the book, First Meals, I made all of the twins baby food.  Now that my daughter has just had her first dose of homemade carrots I just whipped out my trusty Stay-Fresh Baby Food Containers. 

Stay-Fresh Baby Containers allow those who puree their own baby food to have the convenience factor of jarred baby food.  Each of the containers (there are 12 in the set) holds 2 ounces of whatever concoction you have put together for you tiny diner.  Even better is that each of these sturdy plastic containers are microwave AND dishwasher safe meaning making your own baby food just got a little handier.  Each has a screw on lid (no messy pop off lids!) and the plastic is (of course!) BPA free.  The containers are stackable and the set includes a try that can fit right on your freezer door and holds all twelve of the containers. 

These containers are obviously great for homemade baby food but I have also used mine for milk storage.  As I stated before, each holds 2 ounces but the 1 ounce level is marked as well, making these convenient for milk and/or formula storage too. 

I have found Stay-Fresh Baby Containers to be super convenient in my quest to be a baby food making machine.  There is something so satisfying about filling all those little containers up with a bunch of little if only I could find away to make the peeling part more enjoyable! 

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Ann said...

I need to buy some! Now for some puree recipes - if anyone has some good ones please share! I'm having problems freezing anything with meat. Thanks!