Friday, July 30, 2010

Flashback Friday....The Snoedel

Happy Flashback Friday All!  It is baby shower season and these little loveys make an excellent gift.  Read on...

When my twins were 2 weeks old I had a wedding to attend.  Even though I left them in very capable hands (Nana AND Grammy!) I was still beside myself about leaving them.  It is hard for a new mother to be away from her babies.  I really wanted a part of me to be with them when I was away.  This probably seems borderline crazy as I was only away from them for a few hours but you know how those hormones can be after birth!

In any case what kept me from completely losing it when I left them was the Snoedel.  The Snoedel is actually supposed to be a comfort to the baby/child, however I found in those early days it was more of a comfort to me (AKA crazy, hormonal Mama!).  What exactly is the magical Snoedel?  The Snoedel is a combination doll/small blanket made of the softest fabric which is crafted to absorb the mother's unique scent.  You simply hold the Snoedel close to your skin for a couple of nights and then give it to your baby.  Your scent is a great comfort to your little one and for those crazy emotional Mama's like me, it is a comfort to leave a part of yourself! 

My boys are 3.5 and they still sleep with their Snoedels.   In my opinion they are the perfect lovey/security item.  They are washable AND dryable, they are not irreplaceable (buy a few in case one gets lost), and they are not ridiculous looking (every seen a kid running around with a dish rag lovey??).  These cute little blankie dolls come in pink or blue and can also be personalized for a small fee. 

The Snoedel gave me and the boys great comfort in the early days when we were apart and now they are part of their bedtime comfort item list.  The Snoedel gets a big thumbs up from me and, in my opinion, would be a very special and unique shower gift.  You can find the Snoedel at One Step Ahead...

One Step Ahead - Baby & Gifts 120 X 60

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