Friday, September 17, 2010

Flashback Friday...Family Fun Magazine

I am currently stealing ideas from the back to school issue in order to make myself look like Super Mom when it comes to craftiness!  Love this magazine!  Read on...

Today the newest addition of Family Fun arrived in my mailbox.  I have been a diehard fan of Family Fun since my twins were born and a family member got me a subscription. 

Family Fun Magazine is geared toward parents of toddlers through grade schoolers and is filled with fabulous ideas.  In every issue you will find ideas for creative crafts, family games, holiday activities, yummy recipes as well as great ideas for family time.  Every month I find a whole slew of things to do with the kids.  In this month's issue alone I have already found 11 things I am just dying to try with the kids.  Some examples?  Making a bee house, Making Blow Paint Monsters, Cooking up some cucumber cups and testing out the Lego design of the month.  This is all from one issue...I know lots of people who save every issue for ideas and I tear pages out to save of things I want to try for later.  This is the ultimate magazine for fun ideas to do with the kids.

I will admit I am not a super creative gal but Family Fun Magazine allows me to fake it and that alone makes the subscription a steal at $9.95.  This is a must have for any mom with younger children...instant ideas to make you look like super mom.  Who can resist that??


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