Friday, September 10, 2010

Flashback Friday...Signing Time!

Happy Flashback Friday all!  Today we take a look back on why I love the Signing Time videos.  These are a fabulous way to help your baby learn sign language and fun for the kid to watch.  Read on...

Before I even gave birth to my first child I had some ideas about what I wanted to do once I had children.  Of course you probably know how that goes.  Sometimes what looks good on paper does not exactly translate well to real life ( yoga springs to mind for me!).  One of the ideas I had pre-baby that DID translate well in our household was the introduction of sign language.  I had read that sign language could help you communicate with your child before they even learned to great is that??

When my boys were about 6 months old I started to use some basic signs when I spoke to them (milk, drink, tired).  I was amazed that after a few months they began to use these signs too.  It really blew me away.  Right before their first birthday I discovered the Signing Times videos and I was really hooked.  The Signing Time videos feature a mom and two children using sign language for day to day items and actions.  The videos teach through fun, silly and, I will admit it, very catchy songs as well as some very cute and colorful animation.  I have to say, I was beyond impressed at how well Signing Time helped my boys to learn sign language.  They have learned signs for the potty, most food items, feelings and so many more.  I am certain that the ability to sign what they wanted significantly cut back on tantrums in our house.  I also really love that my children are learning a second language and having a great time doing it.

As you can see I am a big fan of the Signing Time program.  At our house we watched the videos and listened to CD's of those catchy songs but they also have flash cards that look pretty great too.  I also feel like the Signing Time videos are positive programs you can feel good about sharing with your children.   I would highly recommend these videos as the next addition to your child's collection.  Here is where you can check out what Signing Time has to offer...
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