Friday, September 3, 2010

Flashback Friday...The First Years Feeding Seat

Baby R is throwing Cheerio's from this seat right this very moment...check out the only high chair you really need.!!

When the twins were small I had no idea what I really needed.  I sort of winged it when I was registering for gifts,  figuring I needed two of every piece of equipment out there.  In some instances this was true (I love you Bumbo) but in others not so much (don't get me started on the diaper genie).  Take the evolution of the high chair that happened at my house for instance.  First I used bouncy seats to feed the boys their first solids .  I then moved on to the traditional stand alone highchairs in my smallish kitchen.  Next came seats that clipped onto the counter in the kitchen.  I finally ended the long list of eat seats with what I should have had all along...The First Years Newborn to Toddler Feeding Seat.

This seat is really all you need.  It straps directly onto a chair making it a huge space saver as well as portable.  There are four reclining positions for feeding your little one all the way up to the toddler years(the age recommendation is newborn to 4 years!).  There is a removable tray which is dishwasher safe.  This feature is great.  I use the tray now for Baby R but a toddler can be pulled right up to the table in the seat (which is height adjustable as well), using the table like a "big kid". 

Something else I really like?  The seat cover is removable and can go in the washer machine and dryer.  Yes!  This becomes important with the introduction of finger foods.  If you have been there you know what I mean and if you aren't there yet just wait!  Soon you too will shake your head in wonder how such a small person can make such a giant mess!

I recommend saving yourself the hassle I went through using 4 different chairs and simply buying The First Years Newborn to Toddler Feeding Seat.  You don't need anything else, it is durable, space saving and only $29.99!  You can't go wrong with this one! 

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