Friday, October 1, 2010

Come Away With Me...

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Oh, readers.....the ultimate family vacation??  Do you have all day?  When faced with such a broad question I can get wordy.  Really wordy.  Allow me to let myself daydream a bit!  OK, I am back and her is where I went...

My husband and I packed up the kids and boarded a cruise ship bound for Disney.  The cruise ship offered all the comforts you could ask for.  Spa treatments for me, games and activities for the kids and some golf and casino time for my husband.  The food was spectacular and plentiful and to balance all that out we were all treated to fun ways to burn it off like swimming and dance lessons.

When we arrived at Disney, the kids were as filled with magic and wonder as I remember being as a kid.  We rode all the rides (twice!) and somehow I was not even terrified of Space Mountain!  We took in incredible parades and shows and the kids got to meet all of their favorite movie characters.  We also had time to visit the other nearby parks and spent days exploring Epcot and MGM studios.  After a fun filled 2 weeks we boarded our spectacular cruise ship once again and headed for a quiet stretch of sandy beaches and warm waters.  We spent several days relaxing taking in some sunshine and doing some snorkeling.  There were even drinks with charming little umbrellas!

On the way home (again on that fab cruise ship) we had one more week of spa treatments, playing and good food.  Once we arrived back at home we were RELAXED and RECHARGED!

Oooh...that sounds good doesn't it??  Although I have to say I was chuckling a little internally!  If you had told me 5 years ago that my ultimate dream vacation would include Mickey Mouse and Space Mountain I would have laughed you out of town!  Three wonderful little people will do that too you though!

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