Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First Time Books...DEAL ALERT

I have another deal for you readers!  This time it comes from First Time Books....a site with some amazing personalized books for children.  These books are not just personalized with your child's name but also their gender, ethnicity, hair color and more can be specified.  How cool is that?? 

There are many different stories to choose from including a potty book and an I Spy Book (which I am totally getting for W who is obsessed with I Spy!).  Check out this book they have out for Halloween...

What child wouldn't get a kick out of a spooky Halloween story just for them?  This one can be personalized with all the traits I mentioned above and you can even add up to three of your child's friends names! 

This Halloween book can be purchased for $25 (for a 32 page book!) but they are offering Reviewed By Mom readers 20% off for the entire month of October....Fun!  Simply add "bymom" at checkout for your 20% discount. 

I am excited to tell you that First Time Books is offering you all a special discount every month just for being a RBM reader....oh the perks of listening to me ramble!  So after you purchase your Halloween book this month be sure to come back to see what next month brings for a deal!

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