Sunday, October 3, 2010

Making Friends Monday!!


Welcome to Making Friends Monday Blog Hop, hosted by Living on Love and Cents,  The Thrifty Things,  Reviewed By Mom , and  Coupons are Great.
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This week's Spotlight and Guest Host is Robyn from Adventures in Abbyland.! Here are a few things she wanted to share. She is #5 this week's linky.
I have been blogging since 2008 yet just now got into blogging. I decided to start a blog in 2008 when my husband deployed, I wanted to let out my frustrations without making my family and friends listen to me all the time. Problem was, I never was home and never had time to blog. I tried again in 2009 when we became pregnant, as a cute way to follow my pregnancy...but again, I didn't seem to have the "blogging bug. Once our daughter arrived and I settled into being a SAHM I decided to try once more.Looks like Abby was my "third times a charm" because I have been going strong ever since I started back up in May. I love sharing pictures of my daughter and funny stories, plus its a way to share problems we are having and seek advice. Blogging is also my "me time" my little escape at the end of the day when my husband comes home from work and spends time with our daughter. A few months ago I entered my first blog giveaway. It was fun and the chance to win something was exciting. I really got into entering giveaways and reading reviews. The more reviews I read, the more I started to see how blogging could help satisfy the business woman in me. While taking care of her is a true joy and I am blessed to be able to be a SAHM, I was getting a little antsy. I thought writing reviews was just what I needed. I did my research and went for it (oh boy is that first step scary!) and now I feel complete. I have my adorable daughter, my wonderful husband, and I'm able to "work" and feel like I'm doing something for others. My family means everything to me. Being able to work around my family is exactly what I needed. Plus hosting giveaways is perfect for me...I love making other people happy!
More about me? I'm 30 (celebrated the big 3-0 this year). Abby is our first and we have definitely had our share of first-time experiences as parents. That's where the name of my blog came from. Adventures in Abby Land is about my every day life with our daughter and the fun times/disasters/scary experiences/ everything imaginable. My husband and I go through learning as we go (and from lots of mistakes) to be the best parents we can. Its no longer about us, its all about Abby :) lol. My husband and I have been married 4 years now. We celebrated our 4 year anniversary on September 30th. When Abby isn't keeping me on my toes and wrapped around her little finger, I enjoy curling up with a good book and scrapbooking. I'm also learning to cook...learning being the key word but so far I haven't made anything too horrible :)

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