Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hasbro Action Figures for Boys Review...

I know some of you are last minute shoppers like me.  Sure, I have the bulk of my things done but I will be running out for "one last thing" between now and Friday about 10 times!  If you are still looking for a little something for the boys on your list be sure to check out the Action Figures Hasbro has to offer.   With action figures from two huge boy favorites, Transformers and Star Wars, you just can't miss.

TRANSFORMERS POWER CORE COMBINERS 2-PACKThis boy’s toy will let your son feel like he’s part of the wildly popular Transformers story!  This 2-pack includes one Scout scale Transformers figure, which features both a robot and vehicle mode, and one Mini-Con scale figure with four modes – robot, robot weapon, vehicle weapon and Power-up Armor.  At only $9.99, this affordable combo will make both mother and son happy.
STAR WARS ACTION FIGURES WITH GALACTIC BATTLE GAMEWith the new STAR WARS ACTION FIGURES WITH GALACTIC BATTLE GAME, fans can battle their friends in head-to-head action and test the powers of their favorite characters. With interactive game-play, these toys are fun for newer fans, as well as long-time collectors.

Hasbro graciously sent both of the above toys for me to road test with A&W.  Even though my boys are on the younger side for these toys at 4 they LOVED them.  I am pretty sure boys are simply born loving all things Star Wars and Transformers as A&W have never seen any of the movies yet are still mesmerized by the characters!  These action figures were loads of fun for them and sparked plenty of imaginative  play.  Unless you have a child who still pops things in his/her mouth these toys are completely appropriate for ages four and up.  They are also completely appropriate for the men in your life who still love these characters from their childhood.  In fact, you just might want to buy a few of these so your husbands AND your kids can play together.

Visit Hasbro to purchase or to find a local retailer.  These would make great last minute gifts or stocking stuffers.  Happy Shopping!

*Disclosure: I was provided with the above mentioned toys for purpose of review.  I was not compensated for my review in any way and the feedback given is my own and has not been edited by anyone.

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