Tuesday, January 25, 2011

PupLight Review...

It is the time of year when darkness falls early.  To be honest, that is one of the reasons why winter is not my favorite season.  Well, that and the fact that it is currently 10 degrees (yes, literally 10 degrees) outside right now.  While I now trade after dinner walks with the kids with rousing Wii bowling competitions, if you have a dog you can't really nix those after dinner walks.  PupLight will make those trips easier and safer for you.  Read on...

PupLight is lighting the way for dog-lovers everywhere.   The powerful LED flashlight fits on your dog’s collar and is perfect for those evening walks. Not only are you and your dog safer, because you can be seen easily in the dark, but you’ll find it faster to do those nightly “doggy doo” clean up chores.  What’s more, you can locate your dog even off leash, because PupLight Illuminates 200 feet forward and 70 feet on either side.  

Other benefits of Puplight:
·         Makes you and your dog visible to traffic at night
·         Walkers with unfriendly dogs see you coming and move away avoiding unwanted confrontation
·         Frightens away wild animals – skunks, possums and coyotes
·         Helps many dogs with failing vision to see better
·         Lights your path so you can see a potential hazard to you or your dog

We no longer have a dog ourselves but my little doggy niece, Lola is an apartment dweller so I knew she needed her very own PupLight.  I couldn't have my little Lola out there unprotected!  Well, the PupLight worked like a charm.  The PupLight easily attached to her collar (it is adjustable for the best fit) and she did not even seemed bothered by which assured me it was 100% comfortable (if it was not she definitely would have made it known!).  It lit up the area around her and my brother-in-law giving them added visibility and safety.  In my opinion, this is a must for all dog owners. 

You can pick up a PupLight from their website for just $19.95

Disclosure:  I was given a PupLight for purpose of review.  No compensation was provided for this review and I have given my own, unedited opinions.

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