Friday, June 10, 2011

EmerginC Scientific Organics....Review!

I was recently sent some absolutely fabulous skincare products from EmerginC called Scientific Organics and I am really excited to tell you about them today.  Here is a bit about the line and about the products I was lucky enough to try...

Kombucha Cleanser
A gentle, effective, deep cleanser for all skin types that helps remove environmental pollutants, excess oil and make-up without drying the skin.  The main ingredient is Kombucha, with grape stem cells, algae extract, glycerin, brightening complex with xylose and galactose from palmaria palmata, spirulina, green tea, white tea, aloe vera, maritime pine bark extract.  $34

Phytocell Serum
For all skin types, this nourishing, hydrating, intensive age-fighting serum is formulated with grape stem cells and is carefully designed to help revitalize, protect, nourish and renew skin cells.  Use morning and/or night, this potent serum fights free-radical damage, hydrates, smoothes skin, improves tone and texture.  It is formulated with Kombucha, grape stem cells, algae extract, brightening complex with xylose and galactose from palmaria palmata, hydrating complex with glucose and xylitol, food grade seaweed, goji berry extract.   $75

Phytocell Detox Mask
An effective French-green clay based “detox” mask designed to draw out impurities, nourish, soothe, brighten, fight free-radical damage and improve tone and texture.   It leaves skin bright, healthy and detoxified with a radiant glow. Ingredients include Kombucha, grape stem cells, algae extract, glycerin, brightening complex with xylose and galactose from palmaria palmata, food grade seaweed.  For best results, use 1-3 times a week and leave on 10-15 minutes, then remove thoroughly.   $50

Wowza....I really liked the feel of these products. The cleanser was nice...not too strong or harsh feeling.  Sometimes cleansers leave my skin feeling tight but this was not the case here at all.  The serum was nice and light and a little goes a long way with this one.  My very favorite of the line though is the Detox Mask.  I love a good face mask and this one really delivers.  My skin felt fantastic after using it and seemed clearer right away (is this possible??).  I am a big fan and think, though $50 seems like a lot to pay for a mask, anything that makes my skin this happy must be worth it!  You can purchase the Scientific Organics line at and

Disclosure:  I was given a sample of the above mentioned products for purpose of review.  The opinions given are my own and have not been edited.  I have not been paid for my honest review.


Anonymous said...

To expensive and they use jennifer anistons name to hype up their products. I think I'm not interested. Ummmmm.... Retinol products a real dermatologist would scuff and say yeah it's all bullshit but here try our line for a ridiculous cost. However skin care does help but the zapping of wrinkles and saggy skin is a huge stretch. To pricey. Just way to pricey. I have tried them all this line is no different.

Anonymous said...

I don't have wrinkles or any lines so if I can't get back my 20 year old skin at 31 well Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha