Monday, June 13, 2011

Mom's Mailbox....

I love to get the mail.  Sure there are bills (boo!) but on most days there are also fun goodies to be had.  Between my reviews and money saving ventures, there is usually something in the mailbox to make me smile each day.  I though it might be fun to share Mom's Mailbox with you all every now and then.   Here is what I found today....

A swag bag from eChook.  Be on the lookout because in the very near future one of you will have a chance to win one of your own!

I also received two coupon booklets with tons of valuable savings on Amy's Kitchen.  How did I score these?  I e-mailed them telling them how much I enjoy their products (which I do!) and they were generous enough to send me some savings.  Thanks Amy!  If you love Amy too send them a note and maybe you too can find some savings.  Their contact info can be found here.

Lastly, I had two tickets to Story Land as a result of buying a certain variety of products at Shaws a couple of weeks ago (all with coupons of course!).  I was thrilled to snag these and the program may still be running...check with your local Shaws.

There is much to smile about in the mailbox today that is for sure!  Did you have anything fun in the mailbox today?  Share please!!

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Nicole said...

I need to start contacting companies I like and see if they have coupons for loyal customers that just ask!
I've been having some fun things in the mail lately, because I've already started Christmas shopping, when I find great deals! With 4 kids to shop for, plus nieces and nephews, you have to take advantage of those!