Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I love peelies....they make my shopping trips even more exciting.  I know, I know...I should get a life!  In any case, those coupons placed jauntily on top of packages can make a great shopping trip even better.  Last night at Shaws I found a couple of product with peelies which made me do a little happy jig (on the inside of course!).  Pirates Booty (already on sale!) had a $.75 off peelie!  I was super excited for this as I rarely see Pirates Booty with coupons so I scooped up a couple of bags.  There were also peelies on the Swiss Teas (gallons and half gallons) for $.55 off (no doubling on these though)!  These were already on sale for $1 so you can get a half gallon for only $.45!  Score!

I also snagged a coupon in the cookie aisle for Chips Ahoy cookies.  These are on sale for $2 and if you purchase one  pack (any variety) along with a container of milk you receive $1 off!  Score again....this Mama is having her cookies AND milk!

Lesson today...keep your eyes peeled for peelies while you are shopping.  These found coupons can really make a difference and can make a sweeter deal even sweeter.

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