Friday, June 17, 2011

We Use Coupons...

I have had a lot of people ask me where I find the great grocery deals I have been scoring.  It is a combination of some careful scanning of the sales and my coupons and some really great websites.  I have a lot of websites which I think are very helpful but my absolute favorite is WeUseCoupons.  This site is hands down the most helpful for when I am planning my shopping trips.  The site is 100%  dedicated to couponing and is home to my favorite couponing tool of the trade...FORUMS!  The forums at WeUseCoupons is flat out amazing.  This is where shoppers share ideas, tips and store matchups.  I have already learned so much from this site and it is a big part of helping me snag some amazing deals. 

My favorite section of the WeUseCoupons forum is the grocery store deal locator.  This is where I go when I start planning my trip to the stores.  The wonderful people in the forums scan the sales flyers, match up current coupons (online and from the paper!!) and tell you what the best deals are for each store!   How great is that??  Best of all?  This is free.  You simple sign up to join and then you can read and participate (if you wish) in snagging deals.  If you are not a member of WeUseCoupons yet be sure to sign up HERE so you can get the best deals around.  When time permits I will also be posting some of the deals I find there as well...there are always some juicy ones!  Is it weird that I am already to go grocery shopping next week? 

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