Saturday, August 13, 2011

FindABeautySalon.Com....Review and Giveaway Alert!

The other day I was contacted by (well, not the actual website but a person from the site!) telling me about their services and a giveaway they are hosting.  I am a gal who loves a contest AND pampering so I scooted right over to see what was happening.

First of all, the site is a GREAT resource.  You can search by zip code to find reputable salons by you and you can also find beauty salons and hair salons who are having deals and discounts.  The salons are all star rated and have reviews from actual clients which allows you to have the inside scoop on the place before you even get there.  I don't know about you but, to me, visiting a new salon can be a little scary (what if they chop my hair off??) so getting some real feedback first is key. takes the scary factor out!

Right now is running an awesome giveaway where you can win FREE SALON & SPA SERVICES for a YEAR!!  Click HERE to enter.   They are also giving away weekly gift cards to places like Sephora, Victoria's Secret and Banana Republic (I chose Gap!).  Good luck and let me know if you win.  My fingers are crossed that one of us wins!!

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