Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Harper Perennial Ebook Sale!!!

It is a madhouse here at RBM!!  The kids have been wild, Baby R has decided sleep is for the birds, we are thinking about moving AND I have a pile of incredible giveaways to get posted.  Make sure you are checking back often because I have SO many fun giveaways to get going and you are not going to want to miss any of them.  I have high hopes that the next few days will bring lots of time for writing here on RBM (fingers crossed!).

In any case, I only have a minute but I did not want to miss telling you about this awesome sale going on for Harper Perennial books.  I have done lots of reviews and giveaways for Harper Perennial and they never let me down when it comes to great books.  Right now they have an incredible deal going on...20 of their books are available as ebooks for only $.99!!!  This is an amazing deal.  I love to read and I love my Kindle....perfect.  Check out these links for details and happy reading!!


Angie Alford said...

Awesome sale, and can't wait to see what the gveaways are !! TY

Becky Ramirez said...

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