Thursday, September 22, 2011

Apples Anyone? Recipe for Mom's Apple Crisp...

Over the weekend the family and I head out to do one of my very favorite fall picking! I love, love, love apple picking and for me, it really kicks off the season. I love watching the kids climb trees (I have actually been known to climb a few myself to snatch the perfect apple!) and filling up baskets of deliciously ripe apples. We have already eaten though a double batch of my apple crisp and I am planning on making another today. Since I can't invite you all over for coffee and crisp I figured I would share my recipe with you. I hope you enjoy!  

Mom's Apple Crisp

7 Cups Peeled &Sliced Apples                                               1/2 tsp Cinnamon
1/4 C Water                                                                              1/4 tsp Salt
1/2 C Sugar                                                                               3/4 C Flour
1/2 C Brown Sugar                                                                   1/2 C Butter
1/2 tsp Nutmeg

Pre-heat oven to 350.  Put apples in a shallow 2 casserole (I use a 2 quart) dish and add water.  Combine sugars, nutmeg, salt, cinnamon and flour.  Cut in butter.  Use pastry blender or clean hands to combine mixtures until it is crumbly (my kids love to help with this part!).  Spoon mixture evenly over apples.   Cover with foil and bake for 1/2 an hour.  Remove foil and bake for an additional 1/2 hour.  

We like our crisp warm from the oven with vanilla ice cream....delicious!


Kay - Her Baby Stuff said...

We made a plum and apple crisp last week. Nothing beats celebrating Autumn better than warm apple crisp!

Patty White said...

Sounds yummy! Im going to try and make this for Thanksgiving this year. Thanks for the recipe!

MsAngelasFinds said...

I am SO glad I found this! Apple Crisp is my go to food for fall. I literally start to crave it as soon as the leaves change! haha! I always buy the little box mixes and was wondering if there was an actual recipe from scratch that I could use. Thanks for sharing this! I can't wait to try it out with some vanilla ice cream! Mmmmmmm!
Angela Michels
lilsweeper76 at yahoo dot com