Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bridesmaids....Coming Soon!

I never get to the movies which is typically not a big deal to me.  I am generally too tired at night to be thinking about hitting the theaters....except when a movie that looks HILARIOUS comes out. This was the case for Bridesmaids.  I heard so many things about it and I was so disappointed that I was unable to make it to the theaters.  

Well, things are looking up!  Bridesmaids is being released on September 20th and this weekend I am having a pre-release party!  I will watching the flick with some friends (we are making it a "Jack and Jill" themed party because Bridesmaids is NOT just a "chick flick").   We will have some appetizers...I am thinking bacon wrapped scallops should be on the menu (we have a great recipe from a cooking class we took and I will  post it later).  There will be cocktails too (of course!).  We will have wine and my favorite going out drink...Nuts and Berries.  Now THAT sounds like  a girlie drink doesn't it??  I am even thinking of donning an old bridesmaid dress for the occasion (please, please, please still fit!!).  Stay tuned or details about the party and my thoughts on this movie I have been so excited to see.  I can't wait!!

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