Monday, September 26, 2011

Costume Super Center...Review!

Halloween is creeping up on us...are you all ready yet??  If you don't have your costumes yet, head right on over to Costume Super has a staggering variety of costumes for the whole family....even the family pet!!  When my son "W" told me he wanted to be a firefighter for Halloween this year I knew right where to go. 

The Junior Firefighter Costume I received from Costume Super Center is amazing.  The quality is superb and is actually on par to the ones our local museum has on hand for the firefighter exhibit they have!  My son is thrilled with his costume and has had it on for dress-up pretty much everyday since it arrived!  It is durable and the fabric is heavy which means it will last and keep him warm for that!  We really like to use our old costumes for dress-up and often they do not last because of poor quality but I can tell this firefighter will be around for a whole lot of imaginary emergencies!

You can find a full variety of new costumes for boys on Costume Super Center.  There are just so many to choose from.  I might go back and order some more for our dress up box!

Visit Costume Super Center today to order costumes for the whole will be so glad you did.  You can also follow them on Twitter to stay on top of the latest styles and deals.  Happy shopping!

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