Thursday, September 8, 2011

Curb Appeal...

Have I happened to tell you all that we are planning on putting our house on the market soon?  We have actually been talking about it for about a year and even had house we were pretty serious about buying but we are only now at the point where we are finally (almost) ready to put that for sale sign up.  We have been trying to spruce up the house with some touch up paint and purging of all the "stuff" that manages to accumulate over the years.  I am blown away by what I have decided to keep over the years...yikes!

We have now moved on from the indoor projects and have turned our focus to the great outdoors.  We have done more purging of "stuff" (I mean, really, how many plastic shovels do kids need??) as well as painting of the outside of our house.  My husband has been a champ as far as this goes and has pretty much repainted the entire house by himself.  Last year he ripped down some hideous asbestos shingles (hello breathing mask!!) and this year was time for  paint.  We chose a really great green color with cream and mahogany accent colors and it really looks so much better.  Now we are in the process of spiffing up the accessories because I am pretty sure the outdoor lighting fixtures have not been updated in about 50 years (really).  I want something really traditional that will go with our bungalow style house.  I also don't want something that is going to break the bank since we are not planning on staying.  I also want a nice new mailbox too.  Just a few more things for the "to do" and "I want" list!  Maybe once we are done the place will look so fabulous that we won't want to move??  Stay tuned!

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