Sunday, January 15, 2012

Credit Scores, House Hunting & Mortgages....Oh My!

I think I have mentioned we have been on a house hunt here at Reviewed by Mom.  We have been in our current home for more than 10 years so I am a little rusty in this whole process (cleaning out, credit report, mortgages).  First of all, we have a ton of stuff!!  How on earth did this happen??  I would not necessarily call myself a pack rat but, well, maybe I am kind of a  pack rat!  Things certainly have a way of accumulating especially once children enter the scene.  It has been quite a process going through all the boxes of toys, clothes and mementos.  It does feel good to let go of "things" though.  Don't get me wrong, I am a sentimental Mama and keep a whole bunch but I don't need EVERYTHING the little darlings have touched (do I???).

Another aspect I was rusty on was the financial portion.  I actually worked in a real estate title company for 9 years but even with my background I needed some refreshing on this part!  Obviously I knew our financial house had to be in order but I forgot some of the details!  Right of the bat we looked online to get our free credit score to make sure there was nothing dismal there.  Then we shopped for a lender for our mortgage, moving companies for our stuff and a real estate agent who could help us sell our home quickly.  Holy cow!  I definitely took it for granted how much easier it was to do all this without three little side kicks especially when it came to cleaning and organizing our home.  Good thing I like a good challenge!

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