Thursday, January 12, 2012

Horsekeeping by Roxanne Bok...Review!

On top of being a book lover (as you all already know) I am an animal lover.  When I was presented the opportunity to review the recently released (November, 2011) book by Roxanne Bok, Horsekeeping, I was excited to dive in.  It told the true tale of an woman, inexperienced with farm life, who takes on the huge horse farm.  Daunting task, wouldn't you say??  Here is the scoop...

Why would a successful urban couple, accustomed to clean, controlled and orderly living, take on the task of restoring a nearly collapsed empty barn and multiple sagging outbuildings, sixty tired acres littered with decayed fencing, and pastures deep in standing water, and try to turn it all into a thriving horse farm?
Initially motivated only by a city dweller’s fantasy and obscure memories of childhood visits to the country, Roxanne Bok oversees the reconstruction of a thirty-seven stall barn and painstakingly discovers something about large animals and running a small business, as well as much about herself.
Follow an equine novice as she leads her equally naïve family in an eighteen-month effort to breathe life back into a once great horse farm in rural New England. Roxanne Bok learns it all the hard way, from the agony of repeatedly being tossed off a beloved horse, to the thrill of winning a blue ribbon, and everything in between.
In this thoughtfully detailed memoir charting the recreation of Weatogue Stables, you will meet the variety of extraordinary horse people required to build and maintain the operation, the author’s enthusiastic children who grow to love the smell of a barn, as well as her much more reluctant husband.
For those who love horses (or just the idea of them), and the dream of country life, or can simply appreciate the surprising revelations of urbanites on a great rural adventure, here is a tale that plumbs the full range of human emotions but ends with a deepened love of the land and the extraordinary equine creatures that inhabit it.
Proceeds from book sales will be donated to support horse rescue charities.

Wow...this book was beautifully written. I was blown away at the concept of a "city family" taking on an undertaking so great.  What an enormous risk!  I am not sure I would have had the dare to do it but I relished in reading about this family's great adventure.  Bok has a wonderful way with words that is able to transport the reader along for the (horse!) ride.  I really felt like I was able to "see" the transformation and feel the blood, sweat and tears that went into the renovation.  Horsekeeping, is a true testament to the power of following your dreams and making a life change.  Bravo to Roxanne Bok and to the inspiration she provides to all that read Horsekeeping!  Pick up your copy today on Amazon...

You can also catch up with the author on her website HERE.

*Thanks so the publisher who provided me a copy of Horsekeeping for my honest review!

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