Friday, February 17, 2012

Let's Go Chipper...Helping Hands! Available Now!

Last month I told you all about that fun app we were enjoying in our home, Let's Go Chipper.  It is an app for children and teaches them how to be eco concious.  The kids really enjoy it and I think it is a super tool for teaching children the importance of being kind to their surroundings.  I am happy to share more Chipper news with you today!  Here are the details...

Award-winning Bay Area mobile family entertainment and social media company, It’s All Good Media, launches a new title in its cross-platform, eco-educational and social skills learning series, Let’s Go Chipper™. The series stars Chipper, the "city" squirrel, who serves as the conscientious ambassador to the great outdoors. Through outdoor adventures and explorations with friends, he teaches young children respect, empathy, and responsibility through nature and inter-relationship experiences.

Vibrantly illustrated and delivered in rhyme, Helping Hands cheerfully demonstrates the importance of using hands playfully and positively to help others in the home and community. From helping siblings get dressed to raking leaves, picking up toys and cheering on friends, conscientious ambassadors, Chipper and Paisley, share ideas on how to be responsible and considerate while having fun.

Helping Hands is the sixth book in the Let’s Go Chipper series, which includes award-winning APPS, books, DVDs, and more. The series is supported by community-based and in-classroom programs where children engage in story time, app games, and crafts with Chipper the squirrel. Previously released books in the series include Into The Great Outdoors, Let's Stroll Crissy Field, Out To Sea With Sally, Break It Down With Bruce, and Get Ready To Fly, as well as the robust, all-inclusive Let's Go Chipper App which recently received a 5-star review by WTS Toy Review, who acclaimed "All original, all wonderfully creative stories. Chipper is one of a kind – and while the stories are typical kid-stories – we love Chipper’s original spin."

“Each story is based on inspiring play while positively impacting the physical, social and emotional growth of a child,” says author/creator Stephanie Rach-Wilson. “Each book is the basis for the appisode and in-class kits and community programs to provide a more immersive and influential learning tool for parents, teachers, and caregivers."

A thought leader in 21st Century learning, It's All Good Media is an eco-educational leader in the mobile space usurping a television model for app series which is correlated in Science, Arts & Literature, and Social Skills.

“Play is really important for young children, for social and cognitive development," says psychologist Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, PhD, a child development researcher at Temple University. Cooperative play begins in pre-school and Helping Hands provides an opportunity for children and parents to read together then role play to reinforce the message.

Helping Hands is available online at and the Let's Go Chipper mobile app series can be downloaded on iTunes at

I hope you will take the time to check out Helping Hands and share it with your children.  What a fun way to share important social messages!