Monday, March 26, 2012

Magic Whiteboard...Review!

I love getting crafty with the kids.  I know how important it is for them to be able to express themselves creatively and I am always happy to find new ways to help facilitate that. When I was offered the opportunity to review The Magic Whiteboard recently I was intrigued.  Have you heard of this yet?  Here is a bit of background....

The Magic Whiteboard is a Whiteboard on a Roll, and it is perfect for home, school and the office, from the playroom to the classroom to the boardroom. It is completely erasable and sticks to any hard, flat surface using electrostatic technology, so no adhesive is needed. You can reuse each sheet more than 20 times and recycle it when you’re ready to throw it away. Any ink from dry erase markers will rub off easily even if left on for days, but note that dry erase ink can rub off when sheets are folded or rolled.

What a great idea!  When it arrived I could not wait to try it out.  The Magic Whiteboard does everything it says it sticks easily to the walls without damaging them (hooray!) and gives you a space saving area to work on.  We use ours for drawing and for practicing writing letters and numbers and it is fantastic.  It is a great way for children to showcase their work and it is so nice to have something "easel like" that is not a space hog.  I like that the sheets are reusable and we have  used the pages (I have one up for each of the three kids) at least 5 or 6 times and they look like new.

You can purchase your own sheets of Magic Whiteboard on their website for $29.95 for a ten sheets (remember the are reusable!!).  Click HERE to order.

*I was provided with the above mentioned product for my 100% honest review.  No compensation was given.


Rhonda Martin said...

What a great idea. I like that it won't damage the walls and that you can reuse it. Thanks for sharing another great review.

Karen Harris said...

It’s a great idea, however, I haven’t had the urge to move my whiteboard, so for a more permanent solution, I used DrawIt whiteboard paint. After heavy usage it has not stained or ghosted, and a single product covered quite a few walls in my house. My daughter loves it, but I have to make sure she knows where the whiteboard ends and where it starts because she get a little creative when her imagination runs wild.

lisa steve said...

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