Friday, July 13, 2012

An American Family by Peter Lefcourt Book Tour!

Good Morning!  Welcome to Reviewed by Mom's leg of the An American Family book tour!  Here is the excerpt I am lucky enough to share with you...

She had to be home by eleven-thirty on Saturday nights. Not even midnight, which was most thirteen-year-old kids’ curfew. At eleven-thirty on the dot, her father would rind the doorbell and barge right in like he owned the place. Once she forgot to smuge off her lipstick, and he had a fit.

At lunch she always sat at the same table, in the corner, with her best friends, Harriet Kutcher and Susan Braunstein. The three girls traded sandwiches and talked about movies or boys. They were all in love with Paul Newman. Bobbie had seen “Exodus” three times.

The girls surveyed the lunchroom while they ate their sandwiches.

There was a table across from them full of nerdy boys blowing milk bubbles into their nose and punching each other in the arm. Bobbie looked away disdainfully.

“God, I hate Phillip Hacker. He’s in my home room, and he sits behind me making fart jokes.”

My Mother in Law, The Queen Bee scooped this book right up when it arrived on my doorstep and this what she had to say....

I had not read any of Lefcourt's previous books, I hear that they are mostly satirical. As I just thumbed through the book before I started it, I was curious how easy the reading would be. There are a lot of very small paragraphs and they were not all conversations by character.

As I began, I noticed how easy these little snips of writing flowed right into the next. I really enjoyed Lefcourt's style. The characters were many, but easy to remember. The story is about five generations generations of the Perl family, Polish-Jewish immigrants. The story spans from the early sixties until 2001 and encompasses all the American history in-between. The patriarch, Nathan Perl has five children. Three from his first marriage to Ida and two from his second marriage to Lillian. The oldest is Jackie, a lawyer who has gotten himself mixed up with corrupt city officials & businessmen. Michael is an entrepreneur, stuck in a desk job because he is married w/children. Elaine, seems to be the most secure of all the children but as she gets older, even Elaine makes some changes. Stephen, the scholar, is a reluctant gay man in the time of AIDS and Bobbie the baby sister , is what you would call a hot mess who ends up a rich record producer ! There are several other characters who add to the craziness of this family. (I meant this in a good way ;) I usually shy away from novels with so many characters, most authors cannot give you a real sense of dynamic when there are so many. But Lefcourt pulls it off in grand style. I really enjoyed this book and I think you will , too!
Sounds great, doesn't it?  Be sure to pick up this must read today.....

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Denise Taylor-Dennis said...

Historical books like this are interesting to read. It is neat to see how other people live their lives.