Sunday, October 6, 2013

Curious George Halloween Special...Coming Soon!

You already know how much the Reviewed by Mom household loves Halloween. In fact, this weekend we are busy getting our decorations up! I can't wait to show you some pictures of our spooky ideas.  We also get really excited about Halloween specials and this year we have a new on to add to the list to watch...Curious George:  A Halloween Boo Fest!  We can't wait for this new one to air!  Here are the details...
On October 28, PBS KIDS will premiere the first ever CURIOUS GEORGE Halloween specialCURIOUS GEORGE: A Halloween Boo Fest. As the centerpiece of PBS KIDS’ Halloween programming lineup this October, this special celebrates curiosity, friendship and trying new things, all while providing safe and family-friendly holiday entertainment.

During the one-hour special, George will unravel the eerie mystery of No Noggin: a ghost that appears in the countryside each Halloween, intent on kicking the hats clean off the heads of trick-or-treaters. But will George’s quest for the perfect costume interfere with his quest for the truth? Only the curious will find out!

Sounds fun, right?  I know we will be watching for sure!

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