Wednesday, October 21, 2015

You are Invited to a Facebook Party!

Hi Readers.  Tomorrow night I am part of a FB party that I want to invite you to.  You have read about my journey with It Works.  I love the products and, just 2 months in as a distributor, I am making money and am VERY close to a promotion that will significantly take some bill stress off my plate.  I would love to expand my team and help others like me achieve financial freedom.  Here is the scoop on the party and I really, really, really (did I say really yet??) hope you can make it. 

It Works! has the motto Friendships, Fun and Freedom. Friendships and Fun make sense but what do we mean by Freedom? Well - it's freedom from debt, freedom from money stress, and owning your time. That sounds pretty good, right!?  All of us on this team are truly living that motto.

You have been invited to this event on Thursday because a member of our team (that is me readers!  I think YOU have what it takes!) thinks you have the right stuff to join us! We will talk about the products, what it means to join the team and how the business works. We are super excited to share our stories and show you how in a few short months you can transform you and your families' financial lives. And the free and discounted products don't hurt either!! We are all getting healthier from the journey as a side bonus as we become 'products of the products.'
See you on Thursday!!

You can tune into the event on the Facebook page tomorrow night at 8pm EST by visiting the FB page below...

If you decide to join the team I am on I will personally mentor you and help you achieve the goals you are hoping to reach.  I am in this business because I love the products and also because I love helping people.  I want to help you earn some extra money all from the comfort of your own home.  See you on Thursday or feel free to message me at for more information. 

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