Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cloud b Twilight Turtle...

My boys went through a rough phase last year when they suddenly became anxious at night about being separated from my husband and me in the dark.  They had a traditional wall night light but that was not doing the trick.  After much searching I found the perfect night time companion...Cloud b's Twilight Turtle.

The Twilight Turtle is an adorable companion/night light who casts constellations on the walls and ceiling of your child's room.  The shell is hard plastic and the body is a soft plush.  The stars on the ceiling create a relaxing atmosphere and also serve as a night light.  There are three color choices on each turtle: blue, green and amber, so your child can choose the color that suits them best.  The turtle is also set on an automatic timer so, after 45 minutes, it automatically turns off saving the batteries.  The unit is easily turned back on with the push of a button so even my three year olds can turn it back on if they need some extra light in the night.

For older children, there is a star guide so you can use the turtle as a learning tool helping them to identify actual constellations.  I am a huge fan of this product.  It has provided some comfort to me boys in the night and is also and adorable addition to any bedroom or nursery.  I would recommend the Twilight Turtle for any group and give it an "A" rating.

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