Monday, February 8, 2010

Fisher Price Trios...

My three year olds love to build and create which was why I was super excited to check out the new offering from Fisher Price...Trios.  Trios are reminiscent of the "Tinker Toys" I remember as a kid only these are geared toward younger children so there are none of those pesky (and dangerous!!) wooden sticks. 

Trios are brightly colored plastic squares, sticks and panels that are easy to click together, even for small pre-schooler hands.  Each of the sets we have includes a booklet with building ideas but my guys have the most fun creating their own designs.  Just this morning the Trios morphed into ships, sky scrapers and fire extinguishers...not bad for a single toy! 

I think Trios are such a big hit here because of the bright colors which are pleasing to the eye as well as the ease of use.  Some of the other building blocks/sets out there are a bit too challenging for little hands to maneuver but Trios easily clip together.  We currently have the Building Set as well as a couple of the basic sets and I still think my guys would like more to add to their collection.  Fisher Price recommends Trios for ages 3-5 years but I can see Trios having even more staying power than least at our house!  One word of caution though...the Trio squares are fairly small (slight larger than dice) so if you have a kid who is a "mouther" be on the alert.  Fisher Price Trios earns an "A" rating from me for the basic building sets we own.

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