Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Infantino Slingrider Baby Carrier...

When the twins were born 3 years ago I had two of the Infantino Slingrider Baby Carriers and I am certain I could not have lived without them.  I could often be found wearing two slings washing dishes or eating dinner...the boys loved those slings  and so did I.  When they outgrew them I happily passed them along to friends knowing I was giving the gift of free hands.  Fast forward to my latest pregnancy and, because my slings had since been given away, a Slingrider was one of the first purchases I made.  I knew free hands would be even more important this time around. 

When I purchased the Slingrider, it was described as "new and improved".  Why, oh Why Infantino did you mess with my beloved sling??  Something about the design does not "hang" right.  The baby still seems safe and snug but the way the wide strap hits my neck and shoulder is beyond uncomfortable.  I have tried every imaginable adjustment to the strap and nothing seems to help.  At first I thought it may be a height thing (I am 5'2) but my much taller husband has the very same complaints.  The bottom line?  This sling is just plain uncomfortable.  I give this a C- rating.  The fact that the baby seems comfy and oblivious to my aching back keeps it from earning a lower mark.  I suggest passing on this model.

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