Thursday, February 25, 2010

Moon Sand...

Oh, where to begin....Moon Sand.  Moon Sand is one of this Mom's worst nightmares.  I discovered Moon Sand about 6 months ago when I noticed it was on sale at a local Target.  It was actually marked down to about half price.  I was intrigued by the pristine children on the cover making neat little sand sculptures...I knew my boys would love it.  I just could not pass it up.

Oh, how I wish I had just kept walking past that "deal".  I don't know who those kids are on the package and I am certain those little sculptures are NOT actually made out of Moon Sand.  The scene at my house was NOTHING like this.  The packaging promises "never-ending fun" and "easy clean up".  Not so much.  The sand was not all that moldable and was impossible for the kids to keep on the play tray.  Somehow even with my direct supervision the Moon Sand ended up everywhere.  All over the floor, on socks, tracked through every room.  Luckily the "non-staining" promise is actually legit so there was no issue there. 

The real clincher here is that the kids loved it.  They loved the mess factor of it and did not seem to mind so much that the sculptures did not really stay in place.  So, I did what any mom in her right mind would do...I hid it!  No more Moon Sand here, thank you very much!

My recommendation is that you only purchase Moon Sand to be played with outside or for inside if you feel like finding purple sand in your grout for the next 6 months (me!me!me!).  If you just can't pass it up here is a link to buy it for that mom in your life you are just itching to make crazy...
Oh, and PS, it is on sale.  I think I have a very good idea about why Moon Sand always seems to be on sale.  You be the judge!

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Lesley Barr Photography said...

We have a strict outdoor only policy on the moon sand. The twins do love it, but you're right, the clean up sucks!