Friday, March 26, 2010

Brain Quest for Threes...

I am always on the hunt for portable toys or games to keep the kids entertained when we are on the go.  Things like waiting rooms at the doctor or dentist or waiting to be served in a restaurant are just so much more manageable when you come prepared with a method of distraction.  I usually rely on favorite books for these scenarios but I recently discovered some flash cards that fit the bill as well.  Brain Quest for Threes are a set of sturdy flash cards arranged in a deck featuring questions just perfect for your three year old. 

Each set of cards contains 300 questions in picture format.  The cards cover letter recognition, number games, word associations and more. My kids are partial to the "all mixed up" questions which ask your child to put a sequence of three pictures in order.  All the questions are centered around a little cartoon mouse called "Molly".  Examples of some questions are "What is wrong with this picture?" and will depict Molly with her sweater buttoned improperly or "Which two items would be used to clean up a spill?" showing illustrations of paper towels, scissors, a sponge and a hair brush.  There are a lot of logical questions that my children find interesting and the illustrations are enough to keep their interest as well.  The questions are fast paced so there is less chance of your child getting bored before their "mac and cheese" is delivered at the restaurant.

There are some questions here that may be a little "young" for older three's such as "Which of these animals barks?" but for the most part I have found the topics to be age appropriate and fun.  I really like how the deck is broken up into two "attached" sets making them easy to toss in your purse or the car.  The set we have it for "Threes" but these Brain Quest Flash Cards continue on right through the high school years.  Somehow I can't imagine my 17 year old letting me play flash card games while we wait to be served at a restaurant but, hey, you never know!

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