Monday, March 29, 2010

Dannon Dan-o-nino Yogurt...

I'll admit it...I am a sucker for anything new especially when it comes to groceries.  Plant a flashy "NEW" sticker on something and I fall for it every time.  This is why I ended up with Dannon's newest yogurt in my cart last week. 

I had seen the commercials for Dan-o-nino yogurt for a couple of weeks.  Cute kids at the park eating yogurt so wonderful it nearly doubled their life span.  I am exaggerating a little (maybe a lot) but it was definitely something that got my attention.  When I saw the "new" packaging at the grocery store I piled it in my cart, anxious for my boys to try this new, healthy snack.

When I got home and paid more attention to what I had tossed into my cart I noticed the Dan-o-nino packaging seemed a bit small.  When I removed the cardboard packaging and got a look at the yogurts I was a bit stunned.  The yogurts were tiny.  Really tiny.  Like, shot glass tiny.  Hmm.  Ok, now for the taste test.  One of my son's is just as easily dazzled by new as I am so he could not wait to dig in (and he just loves his yogurt).  His hand eagerly dipped the spoon in (mind you the spoon just barely fit into this yogurt shot glass), took a bite and then "I don't like this Mama".  What?  I was surprised as yogurt is one of his favorites so I took a bite myself (the last bite since the shot was nearly gone).  Ho-hum.  It was just ok...nothing out of this world yummy.  After a day of no yogurt my son succumbed to this "just ok" yogurt and promptly polished off four shots leaving me in a wake of orange plastic.

I checked out Dannon's website wanting more information about this Dan-o-nino yogurt since I just had to be missing something.  Well, the site promised 80% of the days protein in 8 ounces.  That is pretty great but since each little shot glass has a disappointing 1.7 ounces you would need about 5 to get there.  The site also spoke of portion control.  Apparently, they are awfully concerned about portion control in children and I am too...but not so much when it comes to yogurt.  Cake?  Yes.  Yogurt?  Not really.  If my child wants to eat an extra helping of a dairy serving I am not going to say no.  Are you?

My take on this flashy new product?  Leave it on the shelf.  It is pricier than others, not as tasty and the portions are too small even for a three year old.  I can just picture us "eager to please moms" littering the planet one Dan-o-nino shot glass at a time.  Do everyone a favor and buy the jumbo yogurts you always do...the planet, your kids and your pocketbook will thank you!

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