Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Infantino Slingrider Baby Carrier...An Update

Last month I posted a review on the Infantino Slingrider Baby Carrier.  Since my post was published these slings have come under fire because of some serious (and life threatening!) risks to your baby.  It seems there is a whole lot more wrong with them than the awkwardness and general discomfort of the design that I wrote about.  Today I learned that the Infantino Slingriders are officially being recalled.  Three deaths over the last year have been attributed to the Slingrider.  Apparently the fabric can cause suffocation as well as the "C" position the baby is in while in the sling (it can block airways causing slow suffocation).  The babies highest at risk are those 4 months and under, premature babies and those with breathing problems.  The bottom line?  Toss that sling!  Nothing is worth that type of risk. 

Infantino is offering replacement products for those with the Slingrider Baby Carrier.  You can visit or call 1-866-860-1361 for more information.  I called the toll free number today and was pleased to see how accommodating the company was.  They sent me a return label and instructed me to slice a part of the strap to send back as well (to insure that no other person would use it).  I chose a new baby carrier as I still don't have one I love and the "wrap and tie" one they have looked pretty good.  I could have also chosen a grocery cart cover or an activity mat.

I hope any of you with the affected Infantino carrier will stop using it and take the steps necessary to make sure nobody else does either.  Let's be sure we do what we can to keep our babies safe.  Meanwhile I will still be  on the prowl looking for that comfortable, stylish and most importantly, SAFE baby carrier!

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Lesley Barr Photography said...

Ergo baby carrier was BY far my favorite. They are not cheap, but have an infant insert for newborns and older kids can ride in front, on your hip or on your back. I found it SUPER easy to wear them on my back. I wore S&H until they were over two and never found it uncomfortable or awkward. I swear by this carrier.