Monday, March 1, 2010

Kidorable Rain Gear...

Last year rainy days became a whole lot less gloomy around here when we discovered the wonderful world of Kidorable.  Kidorable is a company that produces the most adorable rain gear on the planet.  Your child can become a frog, lady bug, fire fighter or fairy (the list goes on and on) every time he or she puts on her outdoor gear.

For the past two years we have purchased the rain jackets and boots for our boys.  The jackets are made from PVC/vinyl to keep out the rain and lined with polyester which keeps them cozy.  The boots are a thick rubber which keep little tootsies dry even after serious puddle jumping fun.  I have found the sizes to be spot on so, when ordering, stick to your usual sizes.

What I really love about this gear though is the fun, kid friendly designs.  What child does not want to be a pirate or a bumble bee?  Kidorable allows even the mundane task of getting dressed for outside to become an imagination packed adventure.  My kids LOVE their gear and the fun factor certainly cuts down on the getting ready battles...BONUS!  For all you fashionista's out there, little Suri Cruise has been spotting wearing the fairy gear around town so you know this gear must be cool!  Last year my guys were a dinosuar and a frog and this year they are sporting the fire fighter and space hero sets.
There are only two downsides to this gear.  First, the price is a little high.  The jackets run at about $35 and the boots are about $30.  This can easily be rationalized by the durability.  My kids wore their jackets and boots a ton and they are still in good enough to be passed along to friends.  The other downside?  How to choose a style!  There are so many cute sets to choose from.  I already have my eye on a mermaid set for my baby daughter for next year but that fairy set is cute will I ever choose?  Here are a few links to some of my favorites but Amazon has a huge variety of styles.  Happy puddle jumping!

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