Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Marble Run Play Set...

At our house we just love to build things.  Lego's, blocks, Trio' name it we have it.  One of the most popular sets we have though is the Marble Run Play Set.

Marble Run is something I had as a child and just adored so when Santa delivered it to the kids this year I was just as excited (ok...more excited) than they were.  Marble run is a set of tubes, chutes, slides, funnels and ramps that you connect to make paths to send marbles down.  There are countless ways to set up the runs making it a real favorite.  Together we try and use every piece making elaborate runs.  On their own, the boys can work on smaller, independent runs.  The pieces are made from bright primary colored plastic that is very durable (trust me, we have put this to the test!).

The age recommendation on this toy is 5+ but at 3 1/2 my boys are able to create simple runs and they really enjoy building them as a family.  Believe me when I say this set is addictive to parents as well...this is one I never say "maybe later" to!  You obviously want to be careful about the marbles espeically if you have a "mouther" but other than that there are no real worries here.  This is a fun set for the whole family to enjoy.  There are 68 pieces in the set but you can also buy add-ons for more pieces.  The original set is more than enough to get you started though.  Check it out and just try and tell me you aren't as hooked as I am!

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