Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bob the Builder On Site...

Being the mom of twin three year old boys has given me an education in construction.  My guys just love a good construction vehicle and they want to know just what each an every one is and what it does.  My description of "it's a scooper truck, honey" for everything just does not cut it these days.  Enter trusty Bob the Builder to save the day.

Bob the Builder is a pretty popular guy around our house.  He has tools, he builds things and his equipment even talks....what's not to like?  Even more popular than the "regular" Bob episodes are the "on-site" programs.  Bob the Builder On Site DVD's feature Bob and all this cronies but they also include footage from real construction sites.  These live action bits take you from demolition (a real favorite here!) right up to the finished product.  My boys love watching the step-by-step footage of things being built and learning about the trucks and tools used to create the finished product.  There are several of the on-site DVD's available but my boys like the Bob the Builder On Site-Houses and Playgroundsthe best.  I am not even ashamed to say that I have found these episodes interesting as well and I can now name my fair share of construction equipment...not bad for this girly-girl Mama! 

Check these DVDs' out for your budding construction worker.  He (or she!) will not be disappointed!

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