Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Crocodile Creek Placemats...

I don't know about you but feeding time at my house is messy.  One of my children in particular eats with such gusto that everything even remotely nearby gets covered with whatever he is attempting to get into his mouth...it is a sight to behold.  This messiness factor is why I am in love with Crocodile Creek Placemats. 

We received a couple of these for the boy's first birthday and I have been a loyal fan ever since.  It is really such a simple concept....the placemats are made of a super thin, PVC free plastic and they are decorated with things kids love making them an easy choice for meal time.  The designs are not only completely adorable but they often include a mini lesson in things like numbers and the alphabet.  There are farm animals with numbers, zoo animals, ABC's, planets, dinosaurs, flowers, a state map and many, many more.  We currently have four different designs and both boys enjoy choosing which one they will eat upon at each meal.  The bright and engaging pictures help to keep them occupied while they wait for dinner to be served.

The clean-up for these placemats is a snap.  Simply wipe down with a dish cloth and evidence of even the messiest of eaters is gone.  We have had a couple of these mats for more than two years and they are showing little to no wear after countless washings.  Not bad for a product that runs $5-6!!  Pick up a couple to get you through the messy years (I think that ends at about 10, right??)...

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Unique Scrap Designs said...

Those are really cute! My son still sits in his high chair, but he will be moving to a booster seat soon! He is pretty messy..alot of food ends up on the floor! I think I need one to cover my entire floor!! :)