Thursday, April 8, 2010

Love You Forever...

I just recently purchased the book Love You Forever by Robert Munsch for my 3.5 year olds.  I have heard about this book and how it was a favorite for many so I decided we should have it for our collection.

The basic premise for those of you who do not know is how a mother and her new baby boy navigate the stages of childhood  and manhood.  It starts out showing the mother cradling her newborn and singing to him "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, As long as I am living my baby you'll be".   The mother repeats that song through the terrible twos, adolescence and the teenage years, each night sneaking into his room after her son is asleep.  The last portion of the book depicts the grown man singing the same moving song to his newborn baby girl.  Very moving.

While I find this book incredibly touching I do have some issues with it.  First of all, there is a part in the book when the mother pays a visit to her grown son who is living on his own.  She drives across town, makes sure his lights are off and then sneaks in, cradles him and sings him the song.  Now, I am a dedicated mother but even I find this a bit much (and maybe a little creepy).  Secondly, I am a little bothered about another section when the mother calls her grown son to say "I am old and sick you had better come".  He then goes to her, cradles her and sings their song.  As an adult I find this touching but for a child this is scary.  Most of us don't want our children thinking about us as elderly quite yet, do we?  Lastly, it is hard to get though this book without crying.  For me, it IS emotional thinking about my children growing up and not needing me so much and this book really stirs those feelings up.  I don't really want to send my kiddos to bed with visions of me sniffling over them getting bigger though!

Obviously, I am not such a lover of this book.  I love the idea of this book and am glad I have read it but I think  I will save it for when my kids get maybe adults.  Then I can say "Hey, you think I am over protective??  This lady still rocks her 25 year old to sleep".  Meanwhile, I will continue to read it myself because it is touching and beautifully written...I will just have a box of tissues close by.

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My Life Under the Bus said...

LOL ! I thought I was the only person who thought ths book was just plain CREEPY !!! She seems like an awefully demanding/invasive old lady to me too !I am sure the fact she's climbing in his window is why he is still single . We got this book as a gift and I got rid of it BlEECH !!!