Monday, April 26, 2010

Melissa & Doug Farm Cube Puzzle...

My 3.5 year olds are just starting to enjoy puzzles.  We have a few of the standard wooden puzzles that they are into but I thought it would be fun to get something a little different and a little more challenging.  I picked up the Melissa & Doug Farm Cube Puzzle for them to try out and while they did have fun with it, I was not terribly impressed with the quality.

The puzzle includes 16 wooden blocks which have different pictures on each of the 6 sides.  The cubes work together to make six different farm-themed puzzles (cows, horses, chickens etc...).  At just over $10 you can't really beat the price.  I do think the puzzles are a tad too challenging for 3 year olds and may be better suited to those in the 4-5 year old range.  Each of the different sides has a different colored border so that part does help but the colors in the pictures are similar so it is often hard for little ones to determine which side works in each puzzle.

Now for the quality....after about a month of only occasional play the images are already starting to peel up a bit and the wood is dented as well.  I am not going to lie, my boys are pretty rough and tumble but not so much that this should be happening yet.  Overall I do think this toy is a good addition to your puzzle colleciton.  I think the kids will enjoy it more in a few months and it gives them a bit more of a challenge than their other puzzles (or "puzzies" as we refer to them here!) do.  I do think the quality could be better but, for just over $10, you are not going to get solid gold puzzle blocks!


Trista said...

i love melissa and doug toys!!!

Mom said...

I am usually a fan too but this particular one was not so well made...kind of disappointing considering how well their toys usually grade!