Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mommy Do You Love Me by Jeanne Willis...

I have recently come across the sweetest book for children...Mommy Do You Love Me by Jeanne Willis.  This book is just right for bedtime especially on those days when your little angels have been pushing your buttons.

Mommy Do You Love Me is a book about a mother chicken's unconditional love for her little chick.  The little chick asks questions like  "Will you love me if I make funny faces?" and  "When I get muddy?" and the mother chicken always answers with a "yes".  On a particularly naughty day for the chick the chicken squawks at him leaving him wondering if she still loves him even when he is naughty.  The mother chicken tells her chick "sometimes you make me mad and sometimes you make me sad, but no matter what you say or do I will always love you".  I love this message and think it is such a comforting one for little ones to hear.  The illustrations (by Jan Fearnley) are done in nice, soft colors and are the perfect companion to the words . 

This is a great book for the 3 and up age group and is an especially good one to end the day with.  Happy Reading!

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